Friday, June 5, 2009

Road Trip..

So the other day I posted about our trip to Ft. Walton to the Science Center…I mentioned that we drove through Water Color, Sea Side and Sea Grove on the way home…Well I was supposed to post those pictures the other day…{shame on me}

Better late then never…right!

First off…this is what the beaches are supposed to look like…Dunes…everywhere…And you get this on a huge section going towards Ft. Walton…It’s just beautiful!

May 2009 035

Here is a look at a very cool looking hotel/motel/inn or something..I didn’t catch the name of it…It looks like it belongs in Europe.

May 2009 013

May 2009 041

May 2009 043

Um…maybe we are in Europe??  With the double decker buss and all… *smiles*

Sorta reminds me of Harry Potter and the resturant Hogs something another…Who knows…maybe Snape is inside!

May 2009 044

And now the beautiful water front towns….These homes are beautiful…I’d love to live here some day. (who wouldn’t?!)

May 2009 046

May 2009 047May 2009 049

 May 2009 050

May 2009 051

May 2009 052

May 2009 053

May 2009 054

May 2009 055

May 2009 056

May 2009 058

May 2009 059

May 2009 060

May 2009 061

May 2009 063

May 2009 066

That is the tour…This is a house that we have watched being built for years.  I guess they are now finished…It’s in a gated community and we can’t get back to it anymore, and you have to be watching for it when you drive by because it’s so far out.

May 2009 068


Kelli said...

Those homes are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait for Destin next year.

Amanda said...

I love the pics! I want to live in that first yellow house you posted :) Please, please, plase let me live there lol!