Monday, June 1, 2009

I’m Baaack and With Pictures from Memorial Day!

Wow, I’ve really been gone…Since Wednesday…I have been so sick.  I wanted so bad for the doctors to just tear out my tonsils with their bare hands!  Yes, I was in that much pain.  But after many strong antibiotics, steroids and pain pills I am back!  Not completely 100% yet, but I feel like eating something other then popsicles and chicken broth.  Oh yea, that’s all I ate for 4 solid days.  Did it do my figure justice?  Well, yes in deed, easiest weight loss ever!  No need to work out at all, as a matter of fact I slept most of those days.  But I hope and pray that it NEVER happens again.  It was way worse then giving birth.  oh yea, it was.
So, I had been meaning to post these this past week but didn’t get around to it…So here is what we did on Memorial Day…We drove over to Ft. Walton to The Science Center (terrible place).  It was horribly outdated, something really nice about 15 years ago.  But nonetheless we made a day out of our little road trip!
May 2009 014
May 2009 015
May 2009 016
May 2009 017
May 2009 018
May 2009 020
May 2009 022
May 2009 030
Like I said…so out dated but the kids had fun anyways, and that is what matters!
Tomorrow, I will show ya’ll pictures from Ft. Walton, Water Color, Sea Side,  and Sea Grove.  If you never been in the area of the last three…it’s just gorgeous!  And parts of The Truman Show were filmed in Sea Side!


Michelle Hoad said...

I wish we had even a mediocre place like that to take our kids to. The only place we have is for very little kids and my big ones think it is totally lame.

Darlene said...

Even if it was outdated the girls look like they were having fun.

Shannon said...

Looks like they still had fun! Glad you are feeling better!

Kelli said...

I am so happy you are feeling better. It sucks to be sick.