Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus 8…Charm City Cakes and California Episode…My Thoughts

Does anybody else notice that it’s not so much about the kids anymore?  I noticed that this time.  I understand their getting older, but we wanna see the kids!  Those kids are what gave you the show!!
And did ya’ll notice how Kate dresses compared to earlier seasons?  Hot pink pumps and skinny jeans?!  Anyways.
So onto my thoughts…
Book tour….Do we really care what is going on with Kate’s book tour??  I really don’t. 
Isn’t it funny that Jon was gone for Kate’s birthday?  I mean it’s nice that he was in on the surprise with Charm City Cakes, but come on, why wasn’t he really there.  I think there is more to that then meets the cameras eye! *smiles*
To ski with the disabled kids?  I am very happy that he did this and helped out.  I didn’t realize there was something like this and I really am glad that there is an opportunity for the disabled to experience something such as skiing.  Something I myself may never even experience!
Oh oh…They were sitting on the couch together!  Is this a good thing?  Or was this prefilmed?  Hmmm….But their bodies were shoved so far away from each other I thought that the couch sides was going to eat them!
On to Cali!
I really think that they make their lives busy…When Jon talks about either one or both sitting together.  There are tons of people who have busy lives but make time to all be together. (I’m just sayin)
Poor Lex…I am always so scared with mouth boo boo’s..I am so scared that a tooth is going to get knocked out!
Wasn’t much going on in this episode….Looked like a lot of mom and daughter fun though!!


Thena said...

Funny I noticed the shoes too. Said something and my step-daughter said "diva". Sure I guess a Mom and be a diva, but it seems to me like shes concentrating on being a diva more than being a Mom. I just hope they realize soon that no matter how much they may be hurting the kids are hurting more. And their welfare is more important than any amount of money they're making.

Kelli said...

I just can't watch anymore. I'm taking it off of my DVR list because I can't watch them live this out on national television. I think it's sad.

Darlene said...

I didn't watch this episode either. It seems like it is about Jon and Kate's marriage troubles now which is very sad especially with all of the children.

Molly said...

I have the episode recorded, but haven't seen it yet. I do think the kids are missing some face time. That is the reason they have the show! I love charm city cakes. Now that is a good show.