Monday, May 11, 2009

Where Have I Been?

I have neglected my blog (I am sorry ya’ll)…I have only written when I needed too..My weigh ins on Mondays and my dinners on Thursdays…I have just been busy. 
Doing what you ask? 
Although I know this isn’t a necessity, I have been addicted to it over the past week or so.  I can’t seem to stay off of it when I normally would have been blogging or doing something creative.  It has sucked all my creative juices out of me!  This week’s goal.  Wait until there are more then 5 emails regarding FB to sign in.
I have also been designing…I have updated my portfolio with a few new designs and I have some things that I must work on this week as well. 
The weather is super nice and so we have been spending a lot of time out here.  We are all looking about like ginger snaps at the moment!  Which was a major goal of mine.  We live in the sunshine state so I want to look like it!
May 004 May 038 May 039
Gardening…Well at least in my containers. *smiles*  We have tomatoes growing that need to be checked on daily as well as herbs (parsley, cilantro and basil) that need to be picked almost daily!  We are running out of ideas for the herbs and I have so many baggies full in the fridge! 
May 001
May 003
This week I will be just as busy…But I do have a difference…There are posts planned!  They are already scheduled, which is a good thing.  This means in my busy times, you will still get to see a post or two this week besides well my weigh in, this one and Thursday’s meme.  Which I hope you plan on linking up and sharing a recipe or two!  I will be sharing the meal I had on Mothers Day. 
There is also a craft this week and Kelsie’s bedroom debut!  So stay tuned!


Kelli said...

Your pool looks so refreshing...I'm glad you are able to enjoy. I had to cut out on FB too. Now I get emails sent to me if I have a message or wall post. That way I'm not spending too much time on there.

Darlene said...

Your pool looks WONDERFUL!!! It has done nothing but rain, rain, RAIN here!!! I won't even get on Facebook cause I sure don't need another thing I am hooked on! Blogging takes up enough of my time!

Amanda said...

FB is VERY addictive. I'm not as bad as I used to be...but I've been on that sucker since 2005 SOOOO think about how many hours of my life that have been wasted away lol. Ooo I want to plant some herbs yummy!