Friday, May 1, 2009

Through a Ten Year Olds’ Eyes

My oldest, Kayla will be 10 in just about a months time.  She has quickly grown up, learning so much from home and at school. 

image She is open in a way that I never was.  I could never talk to my mother about things I heard at school nor did I ever tell my mother if I was ever made fun or if I was being picked on.  I guess I just didn’t feel the comfort that Kayla does.  I am thankful of course that she does in fact feel this way.

She told me about a month ago that she was being made fun of because she has thick eyebrows that will one day form a uni brow if not taken care of.  This was on a Friday that she informed me of this.  We talked about it and since her real dad sperm donor has a uni brow I knew that there was a possibility she would be struck with this horror as  well.  Although I had always hoped that she was take after me.  Unfortunately she did not.  So, I had a hair appointment at Dillard’s (love the girl I go to) and I knew they did waxing there…So I took Kayla with me and she had her first waxing.  Jennifer (my hair stylist) was very pleased with her, no flinching, complaining, tears, nothing.  Jennifer told me afterwards that there were tons of women that came in for waxings and sometimes she would have to stop in the middle of for them to get their wits together.  So this was her first step into Pre teendom.

image Back last year she was a cheerleader, during that time, we broke out the Nair and got that dark hair off her legs.  This was due to the fact that you couldn’t see the hair on the other little girl’s legs and Kayla was really self conscious.  No biggie I thought.  It was the only time that we did it and to my surprise her hair grew very slow and her smooth legs with barely visible stubble made it through the season.

image Since shorts season is amongst us Floridians now, her legs are out there for everyone to see.  The mean girls are out in full swing.  I swear I’d love to slap a lot of the girls that are in her grade and in her class.  They are a bunch of bratty girls.  The night of Kayla’s performance at school one of the girls that is mean to Kayla was wearing WAY too much makeup!  Kayla said she came to school like this everyday and she wears a bra and stuffs it with toilet paper.  Kayla said she didn’t understand why she wanted boys to look at her boobs!  Haha.  Way to go Kayla! 

Anyways I am getting off subject.  So, Kayla ask me when she could shave…I told her that whenever, I suppose, she said this weekend, with extreme excitement in her voice.  Sure thing.  So this weekend, she will take step three into Pre teendom…Step two was just a few months ago when she had to start wearing deodorant.  Oh the joy she gets when going to purchase the newest scent!  image These are things that we don’t look at as milestones.  She has been thrilled about each and every step closer to becoming “grown”.  I on the other hand can’t help but try and keep her my baby a little longer.  I didn’t want all these things to happen now, before she was 13 but things happen unusually fast.  So this weekend we will be purchasing her very first razor and I’ll teach her what I can on the process.  In a way I feel as though she’s growing up to quickly.  In my eye’s she only a month away from her first car, prom and high school graduation. 


Nancy said...

Hi Joanna, She is a beautiful young lady! Shame on those girls for being so mean! Girls should learn to stick together!! And what a brave young lady she is..didn't even flinch!!! I have tears that come to my eyes every time!! LOL :) Nancy

Darlene said...

Hi Joanna,

I know EXACTLY what you are going through with her as Lexi is the same age. Lexi said she was being made fun of because her arms and legs were hairy. We did a light treatment on her arms of Nair and it seems to have been working fine. We did her legs every month or so and at Christmas time Santa had her own razor in her stocking. I showed her how to shave her legs and she has since been keeping them shaved. She feels so much better about herself without all the hair! It does seem young but Lexi's legs were quite a bit hairier than the other girls. Now they are smooth...YAY

I am finding it hard to believe all the little girls in her grade that are seriously needing to start wearing bras. Lexi doesn't need them but we have several "training" bras that I make her wear when she is wearing a light colored or thinner top. I think our little girls are growing up FAST!

Laura said...

Oh Joanna, I can so relate! I was a very hairy child with dark hair! I shaved my legs for the first time when I was seven, I was coerced by my aunt! She is only 7 years older than me, so she didn't know I would really do it, I still hold it against her now, haha! One trick I used to do was use Sun In on my arms and use the hair dryer to lighten it, worked like a charm and I didn't feel that I had monkey arms!

The girls are growing up so fast now it is scary and she is at the perfect age where mean children can have such an effect on her self esteem! You are doing a great job keeping the communication open and building that confidence!

Laura :)

Tiffany said...

Good luck, girl! All these moments are priceless - so don't forget to enjoy them (even if you're cyring inside!) These firsts are just as important as those first steps, first tooth, first smile, etc. You'll never get them back - so enjoy them while you're in the moment!

Amanda said...

They better quit being mean to her! Gesh, little girls really are hateful. Oh Kayla..I know the feeling of having black hair at an early age. I started shaving when I was 10 too :) ALL because I was a cheerleader and self conscious too! Soooo much fun growing up, its such a strange and exciting time though. I want her to stay a baby too though :)

Elise said...

Wow, she does seem awfully young for all that, but I would totally do it for my daughter, too. I remember wanting so bad to shave and my mom made me wait till at least seventh grade or so. Maybe I was a little younger, I can't remember. Love the sperm donor part, that is what I sometimes refer to my dad as. On another note, I love, love, love your girls' red hair. I so wanted a red haired child. Alas, I think I will have to dye Lilly's mousy brown!! ;)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I can totally remember wanting those milestones when I was her age. Shaving, deodorant, the whole deal. It must be so hard to be a mama not wanting to see her little girl grow up...I think you're handling it very very well!

The Graves' House said...

growing up can be so hard. i remember that feeling that everyone around me was going just a little fast for my taste. but sounds like she is coming into teenhood with a good head on her shoulders. good luck to you!

Kelli said...

I have an award for you.