Friday, May 22, 2009

TGIF, Because it’s Been a Rough Week!

I feel exactly like that cat in that picture.  I am not kidding!  This week has just been so very hectic.
One being a design I’m working on.  Wow…it’s gonna look wonderful when it’s all finished., but it’s the work I’m putting into it.  I am doing some searching of some tutorials because for one the Photoshop I have (the newest version) isn’t anything compared to the older version and I am learning a lot of new things over again (or at least the how to) and Blogger dimensions.  Wow!  So, I am glad to work on it today and be done until Tuesday. (I don’t work weekends, and it’s a holiday one at that!)
2nd…We ordered Comcast cable/phone/internet.  We had Knology, but Comcast had a deal we couldn’t pass up for HD and digital cable, something we didn’t have with Knology.  Well….They installed yesterday and then Knology came over a couple of hours later and said…..
Knology Guy -  Ma’am, you called about a problem with your phones?
Me – No problems, I called earlier for a disconnect.
Knology Guy – Oh, well we had an alarm go off coming from your connection box.
Me – Well we had Comcast install this morning so we are no longer on Knology.
Knology Guy -  Oh well that could be the problem of the alarm. If you don’t mind me asking why you switched.
Me – We got a better deal with bundled services with HD and Digital cable.
Knology Guy -  We could have matched it.  What are you paying?
Me – Well, when I called to disconnect and I was ask my reason I said a better deal else where and they ask what and I told them and the guy told me that he couldn’t match it.  We’re paying $117 before taxes.
Knology Guy – Oh we could have matched that and beat it.  Do you want me to try and get you a deal? 
Me - (Too Nice, btw) Sure, why not.  I mean we love Knology we just switched because they would never give us any deals.  We would call every once in a while because of flyers in the mail or commercials but we’re always told those deals are for new customers.
What happened next?  He called up a sales rep, got us a deal and scheduled an install date.  Now…this would normally be fine and dandy for most folks.  BUT…We had to pay Comcast to install + our first months bill.  So, that would be a total waste.  And yes they struck the same deal that we had just gotten through Comcast.  BUT…We would have had to turn around and pay Knology for the first month and install.  So you see, I started freaking because that is a LOT of money in a very short amount of time, plus it’d be like we were paying Comcast for nothing at all.  (“throwing money up a wild cat’s hinney”, as my mother used to say) 
This morning I called the Knology guy and told him that we were going to keep Comcast right now and I’d call him if we changed our minds.
I really am too nice, I need to learn to speak up and say NO!
I am SO happy that this Spring Fitness Challenge is coming to an end.  I didn’t realize how competitive I was.  This past two weeks has been hard…Working out twice a day (about 2 hours total), eating so strict…This is nice for short term but I think working out more then once a day is a struggle.  Although, I will say it’s paying off!  I am now only 15 lbs from my personal goal weight.  Even though this challenge is coming to an end, I will continue to work out at least once a day for an hour and stick to my nutrition plan and adding a few other things back to my diet.
3rd….The kids.  Kelsie has been so very fussy lately.  I know this is because I haven’t been given her the attention I need too.  I have been glued to the computer between working and then contacting companies for my special segment I’m going to run in June on my review blog.  I’ll write a post about that asap. 
Kayla…whew….We don’t even know if she’s going to pass the 4th grade.  She doesn’t put forth the effort at all.  We have been on her all year long.  We make sure she gets her homework done.  We make sure it’s right.  We made sure that she studies her spelling words and we drill her on them and she always makes 100’s with us.  At school this is a completely different story.  She just said that at school she doesn’t care.  Her grades have slowly fallen all year long.  I am so disappointed in her.  And Zack and I constantly have spoken to her about the importance of education.  I will be glad when school is over so she will have a fresh start next year. 
Making plans this weekend have slowly fallen through…Rain, rain, clouds, rain and more clouds are what is waiting for us on this holiday weekend.  So I guess that means that we will get a lot done around the house!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Amanda said...

Well, we just need to get basic cabel and I'll be happy :) Don't blame you, it probably would have been a waste to just turn around and cancel comcast. Those companies are so political anyways.

K-La better get those grades up! She is entirely too smart to be acting up in school!

Darlene said...

It sounds like you have been really busy. We have also but are finally starting to wind down, esp. since school is over now.

I hope Kayla can get back on track with her schoolwork. I wonder why she is not caring at school?

Elise said...

We are with Comcast and we got a good deal when we signed up, but now there is an even better deal{like $20 less} and of course, we probably cannot get it. Grrr...If they can give a deal for a year, they can do it all the time, greedy people.
Oh, my family{not me, but the parents and extended peeps} are in your neck of the woods this weekend. I'm so jealous!!