Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kelsies Pottery Barn Inspired Bedroom Reveal!

It’s been long over due.  Truth is I was trying my hardest to paint a tree in the corner, the first one, it didn’t turn out, the 2nd one, well I ended up not liking it after all.  So without further ado…The Brooke Bedroom inspired room!  The inspiration post can be found…here.
april2009 025
Vinyl lettering with Kelsie’s nick name…She has been called “Kelsie bug” since she was a baby.  I was only going to put her name up but she insisted on the bug portion…Since this is her room!  The letters are white, and hard to see in the picture.  It does really pop on her wall though.
april2009 029
The only thing in this bedroom that actually came from Pottery Barn!  The pillow that goes with the Brooke Bedroom set.
april2009 030
This lamp came from Kayla’s room.  It was pink and Kelsie wanted more pink in her room.
april2009 031
Cute hat boxes hold all her “stuff”.
april2009 032
She kept her Disney Princess light, we just moved it off her dresser.  It has the neatest night light in the base that she really can’t sleep without at the moment.  The canvas I painted not too long after we bought the quilt for her bed.march2009 205
This is a little frog picture and butterflies that was in my own room when I was younger.  There was another frog picture but I have no idea what happened to it!
march2009 203
The ragamuffin garland I made after obsessing at The Nester’s! *smiles*  The little wooden crate basket I painted to match Kelsie’s quilt.
march2009 204
The limb with all the butterflies!  This is something that made the room.  Everybody that has come over love this!
These are owls that the sweet and lovely Elise from Nest Sweet Nest made me!  She read a post one day on my blog that I had wrote about not having time to make owls or how to do them and she offered to make some for me!!  Thank you again Elise!  Kelsie loves these!!
May 001 May 003
May 004
May 005
So Kelsie’s room is finally finished!  We are thrilled…Now onto Kayla’s room!
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Amanda said...

Oooo It looks GREAT! I LOVE the owl ideas. You did a really great job. The branch is a lovely touch too! Kelsie Bug is growing up!

OMG, I remember those frog pictures :)

Elise said...

So cute!! Love her room!!

Darlene said...

Her room turned out really cute!! Great job!

Ruth Ann said...

Very very cute! Love the twig mobile! Very creative....and those colors are soo yummy! I wish I had a little girl!

Kelli said...

You did such a great job. I love her name with the butterflies! I'm sure she has to love it.

Wendy said...

That turned out really cute!

Tammy518 said...

Awww, what a sweet bedroom! I'll bet Kelsie is loving it!

the7daggetts said...

Hi found you by looking for images featuring Behr's Snowdrop paint. How do you like the color? I am wanting to paint my ceiling a soft sky blue, and I was thinking maybe this color would look nice. What do you think?
I love your daughter's room! You did a great job making it look like a PB room. Beautiful!!
Hope you have a great day!