Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pottery Barn Inspired Little Girl’s Bedroom

If you have looked in a Pottery Barn catalogue or even on their site, then you know that Pottery Barn can be your number one go to spot for inspiration. 
They can be pricey, and in all honesty the only thing I have purchased from there was my girls’ Easter baskets on sale one year after Easter.
Anyways.  We have been receiving their catalogue for some time now and since we are in the midst of redoing Kelsie’s bedroom, this most recent issue was perfect for inspiration.  Kelsie and I flipped through and as soon as we ran across this one picture she said, “I want that room”.  Easy!
So our inspiration….
Now it wasn’t the owl’s that she liked but the color blue.  This is by far her favorite color and it adorns these walls and this bedding.  So we searched for a color we found a color by Behr called Snowdrop…
**it looks more blue in person then green
Her bedding of course goes with this and looks like this….
march2009 006
The part of this room that really stuck out at me was the tree and butterflies…
Oh, I can do this!  Tree limb with butterflies, not a problem.  I am headed to Hobby Lobby to purchase the perfect limb (didn’t want to use a real one) and for my butterflies..I have an idea on how to make these using poster board and scrapbook paper!


Laura said...

As I am reading your post, my 3 year old is over my shoulder saying "oh please, please, please can I have this room"! "I am going to tell the Easter Bunny"! I think you have a winner!!

Laura :)

Sherri said...

I love the owls...I know you don't :)
I thought of the whole tree limb idea myself a couple of weeks ago but decided instead,since Josh is such a good artist,I'm getting him to draw and paint a tree with birds in each corner of the girls' room. Now,about those funny that you are going to do that because last week,I started planning on making a mobile to go around the lighting fixture (wide enough so as not to cause a fire hazard)but I'm going to make butterflies out of posterboard and scrapbook paper and tie them on(to the wreath or whatever I choose that will be circular)in varying lengths. I think it will be cute.

Darlene said...

I LOVE the Pottery Barn catalogs! That is going to be a great room and I can't wait to see it when you have it all pulled together.

Elise said...

I loved that room in PB. I actually love the kids catalog more than the regular. Hobby Lobby has tree branches?? Guess I haven't ever looked for those there. I do love me some HL though!!

Wendy said...

Love the blue! Actually I love the owls, too, lol. Can't wait to see how the branch turns out!