Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jon and Kate Season Premiere….My Thoughts.

I fell in love with Jon and Kate Plus 8 years ago.  I have the book Multiple Blessings as well.  Watching their kids has been a family favorite of ours ever since we ran across the series. 
I could really relate to some of the behavior because the sextuplets aren’t much older then Kelsie is.  And Kelsie loves watching “the babies”.   Plus Jon and Kate reminded me a lot of Zack and I.
I nag at Zack just as much as she does Jon.  I didn’t realize how bad I was until I watch them.  Thanks Kate for making me realize I was a complete turd to Zack!  Things changed around here thanks to them.
I have been shocked beyond belief with the media scrutiny going on with their family.  The whole picture of Jon in the car with that girl and then Kate and her body guard.  Who really knows what is going on besides the people involved and God. 
I was really glad to see that they were together in parts on the season premiere and I wonder how this season is going to play out.   But did you notice some of these key points in the show?
  • At the birthday party when Jon shows up and asks Kate about the bounce houses that the kids aren’t using, she completely ignores him!  She turns and asks where her jacket is because she’s cold.
  • When they are sitting together at the very end on the couch  in the interview area, they are ask about where they stand or whatever.  Kate goes on about how she’s there for her kids and will be there, she isn’t going anywhere.  Jon of course agrees that he is there for the kids and she just sorta makes this face…her eyes tell it all! 
I wonder if they are in counseling???  I would have thought that they would have said that if in fact they were.  Are they even trying?  At the party one of the girls tells Jon that she doesn’t want him to leave anymore…How long has he been gone? 
I can’t wait until next Monday to see what is going on.
This may have to be a weekly Tuesday post! *smiles*


Kelli said...

I have also seen myself in Kate and turned it around. I didn't watch last night (DVR) and I do wish the media would stop talking about it and let them resolve their issues. I hope they do go through some counseling and stick it out.

Jessica said...

I have never been a faithful watcher but this weekend with the Marathon on I got all caught up and fell in love with them. I as well watched last nights Season Premiere. I cant say I blame Kate for how she acted towards Jon. I agree her nagging is a bit much but I also know how I would feel if I seen pics of my husband with another woman. The pictures dont lie. I do hope they are in counseling and I hope they can make it work if for nothing more then for the kids.

I would be happy if this turned into a weekly Tuesday Post *smile*

Nikki said...

I watched last night hoping to figure out what was going on. I just feel so bad for them, I really hope they are able to work things out.

Darlene said...

I hate to be Mrs. Negative but it doesn't look like they are going to be working it out. I do hope they will be able to stay friends and keep it civil for all the children involved. It is a very sad situation indeed.

The Graves' House said...

last night was kinda like a car wreck, you couldn't help but stare! i had this for those children. they have enough stress in their lives. and i don't know that this 'lifestyle' they have chosen is right for their family anymore. i pray that God will lead them down the right path.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Yes indeedie!!! I found someone that gets it! That loves the show too. Ok down to business....Can you believe this is going on. I do feel so bad for the kids and for Jon and Kate. She can be a turd to him but I would too if I had 8 gooslings...hehe. I wonder if they are split for good. Can you imagine child support for 8 kids. Good golly. I had trouble with getting it with two kids.. Yikes! I cant wait till next Monday and I will so be checking back with ya on Tuesday girlfriend! You know sometimes the bigger you are the harder you fall....thats why I like ti stay lil'....smiles~

K Lynne Designs said...

I used to really like the show, but as it's gone on I just feel like they've gotten more distant and Kate's new job being a celebrity mom has taken priority over her being an actual mom and wife.

I feel bad for the kids because unless this is all some big ploy for ratings it appears they might be totally done with each other unfortunately.

I don't really feel bad about the media attention though. They open their home to be filmed in the majority of their life, so truly what is a few more photographers photographing them compared to the camera crew that follows them around all the time? I think if Kate was truly that upset by the media attention, she wouldn't be giving interviews to People magazine.

I realize I sound kind of negative here! But truly, I used to love the show but now it just feels way too sad and I think they're focusing on all the wrong things IMO.

Melinda said...

Remember this show is edited, and it may just look like she nagged a lot, when she maybe didn't. And I imagine it is frustration multiplied when you are not receiving the help you need with that many kids. You can't be a space cadet and handle that many kids.

I think Jon needs to grow up, it is very immature of him to consider his need to have "some fun" instead of standing up for his family. He should be very thankful that he was given the financial opportunity that this show provides. Sounds to be like he's upset that he's not getting enough attention.

I love the show too and have been very upset by what's happening. I have heard they are in counseling, maybe they can work it out.