Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Fitness Challenge Week 4

Wow, I can’t believe we only have just a few more weeks left.  I thought for sure I would have failed miserably by now and I wouldn’t even stand a chance.  But nope, last week I was in 2nd place!  Let’s hope this week I am in first.  *smiles*


Start Weight: 172

Current Weight: 161

% Lost: 6.4%

It seems that my switch up last week really helped me out.  I won’t make the same mistake twice.  I will keep with the same routine this week as well.  Rotating….Turbo Jam and the Wii Fit.  Next week though….Who Knows!

What I am loving about this is….My clothes are starting to fit me rather then be tight.  I detest muffin top and I normally have at least  a little bit of it and there close to the end it was more then I wanted to see.  I even went down in shirt size!  Woo Hooo!  Now if my pants size will drop a couple.  *smiles*


Laura said...

Keep it up, you are doing great!!! I am also starting a weight loss program, I am thinking of blogging about it too in hopes it will keep me motivated! I know what you are saying about the muffin top! I hate it! When I sit it looks like I have four boobs, haha!

Laura :)

Gina @ The Shabby Chic Cottage said...

Great job! Amazingly I have stuck to my new lifestyle, too. I've lost 68 pounds since Jan 1st, which is 20% of my starting weight (please don't do that math!) I've got a long way to go -- but it helps to know others are hanging in there too!

Kelli said...

How exciting...keep it up. Maybe I'll get inspired to do something...I need it.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Good job girlfriend! Isn't it such a good feeling to get dressed and know you won't be squeezing into things?Yippee!!