Saturday, April 25, 2009

Party Planning for a Ten Year Old Girl

This is what’s happening here over the next couple of months.  Kayla will be 10 in June and to make sure she will have time to get invitations to the kids at school we need to starting planning now.

Last year we did a pool party.  It was a lot of fun.  Though we had way too many people here.  This year there won’t be as many.  I am thinking of having Kayla invite over only about 5 girls.  This way I can keep not only costs down but my sanity will stay in check as well!

Kayla wants another pool party this year, and that is one that I am looking at, but I have so many other ideas to add as well!

Pool Party -

~Invitations would be in a beach ball shape.

~I would make the cake doing a beach ball…Not a huge round one of course but I would bake it in a dome shaped bowl and decorate accordingly. 

~Decorate with hanging beach balls of various sizes.

~Go with the primary colors of the beach ball and buy supplies accordingly.

~Since we would be outside, I think that tie dying would be a lot of fun and with only a few guests fairly inexpensive.  I would get the Rit Dye of various girly colors and t shirts.  (this would be their party favors)

~Swimming would of course be the main fun.

~I would do a blue punch

~The normal party foods…chips, dip, ice cream, etc.

Chocolate Party -

~Invitations would be on the inside of personalized candy bar wrappers.

~Triple chocolate cake…Chocolate cake, pudding layers and chocolate Cool Whip.

~The center piece would be one of those candy things (haha, what’s the name of those?)  This would also be where the girls pick their favorite one to take home with them.

~Chocolate ice cream floats for their drinks…Yummy!  Chips, and the other normal party foods.

~Reese Cup Miniatures will be used as confetti across the table..Where the girls can take some of these too.

~Kayla would be a color to go with the chocolate of the brown for all the party supplies.  Probably the pretty turquoise color.

~For the fun, I have no idea.  Isn’t chocolate fun enough!?

Movie Night~

~Invitations would be on a directors thing. (ok, so I know there aren’t technical terms, but what do you expect?)

~The cake, well, we would probably do cupcakes in whatever flavor Kayla wanted. 

~Colors of the party would be red and white (popcorn bag colors)

~We would rent a movie to watch on the tv in the living room where the surround sound is that sounds like a theater.

~Individual popcorn bags and movie candy would be passed out. 

~We would do the party one evening from like 5-8pm

~For the party favor…The girls would use the fabric paint and make pillow cases.

I have other ideas that I am thinking of.  I will throw those at y’all in a couple of weeks as well.  Since we can’t decide on our own.  Maybe we could do a vote! 


Wendy said...

They all sound fun! I love planning birthday parties. My 7 year old son has said a couple of times that he wants a Star Wars party for his 8th Birthday (in September). I guess if thats what he wants I need to start planning now, cause I'm not sure what to do for that!

Craftola said...

Hi- If you had a pool party/beach theme, a fun way to do invitations would be to send them in a clear plastic water bottle. Just google bottle invitations or invitations in a bottle. Many people don't know you can send empty plastic bottles in the mail.... You can fill it with confetti, a bit of glitter and colored sand...roll up the invite and insert it in the bottle. Seal the cap, add a label and send! :>)

the undomesticated wife said...

I love all of your ideas! But I especially love the pool/beach ball idea. So cute! And the tie dying...what a fantastic (and cheap) idea! I bet they would love designing their own shirts!

the undomesticated wife said...

Oh, and I saw Craftola's suggestion about the water bottles. I remember about 10 or 12 years ago seeing this idea using soda bottles on a craft forum. It's really a neat one! Putting sand in it really is cute, with the beach ball inside! If you only had 5 girls to send it to, it wouldn't cost much at all.