Monday, March 9, 2009

So Tired…So Sore…Painting and Playing…

Wow, what a weekend!  Friday night I went grocery shopping and also stopped by Home Depot.  There was some paint that I wanted to get for our laundry room.  You see, I always wanted the wall paper border with the clothes hanging out on a clothes line in my laundry room…Last year I got that, and we painted the room a blue color…Wrong shade it was indeed…
CIMG0731 At that time I knew it, but didn’t care to much to repaint it.  So, I just left it as is…Until my mother n law came by a couple of weeks ago with a ton of paint samples in tow, asking my advice on which one she should go with, with low and behold, the shade of blue that needed to be in this room was amongst those samples…So, without further ado…Our new paint color!  Oh and the floor is finally all finished as well!
march2009 028
I know the room is a mess…Poor Kelsie, she wanted to be in the picture, but looked down at the last moment…She wanted another bite of her apple! (because apples are more important to her than picture taking)  I will still be working on this room, adding decorative things, plus I have other things to show you in here as well, but they will have to wait until it gets cleaned up and organized a little better. 
We spent an entire Saturday in here, moving things, painting and doing the floor….The girls had fun though because they got to eat popsicles and play outside.
The weather this weekend was super nice…On Sunday after Kayla and I got home from her hair appointment we all went outside.  The girls helped me clean the inside of my car out and wash it!  While I was helping Zack clean up around the back, the kids were busy swinging, climbing trees and playing with the dog (Angel). 
I stopped long enough to get them a snack….and take a picture…I don’t normally have the camera in the yard, but I was going to take a picture of our gazebo…Next big project…
So my girls eating crackers and juice….
march2009 023

Yes that picknic table is filthy!  But we did wipe it down with damp paper towels. *smiles*  We never eat on it, as you can see it’s my painting station.  It will get sanded down and a new coat of white paint soon. 
The gazebo…..
march2009 021 It was at one time really taken care of…Screened in, wicker furniture, the whole shabang…What happened you ask?  Well, we had a dog (my dog) and she loved to chase squirrels and birds…One day there was a bird in the gazebo and she tore apart the screen to get inside..Yes, we could have replaced this part, but it happened on several occasions in several different spots.  We just ripped it all down!  So, we will be starting from scratch.  That is ok, we plan on doing things differently than what my parents had down.
I am completely excited and I have furniture, paint colors, and everything picked out for it.  I haven’t bought anything of course, because I am saving up to get it, one penny at a time.  I hope to have it down by the end of summer.  If not that is ok.  At least maybe having it repainted!   I think I posted this the other day, but this is my inspiration….
These two photos came from Between Naps On The Porch, I adore her porch!  And so desperatly want one as well.  We do not have a porch to do this to, but we can do this to our gazebo…The sheers, the fans, the wicker….Ahhhh…I can’t wait to get mine all finished!
So that was our weekend in a nutshell!  I hope you all accomplished as much and had as much fun as we did!


Darlene said...

It sounds like you did a LOT this weekend! LOVE the inspiration picture and your gazebo will be wonderful. We have been in the 80's here and loving it!

Kelli said...

Wow, you had a busy and productive weekend. I love the gazebo, it will be so nice when it's done!

Lilith Silvermane said...

This place is looking great! It's incentive to get my place upgraded!!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Joanna, That is one awesome's going to look great screened back in. I can see the sheers billowing in the breezes right now! Susan