Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh No! Well Almost…

Last week Kayla told us that she had to be at school this week on Tuesday early, or at least on time.  Zack drops her off on his way to work every morning.  She usually gets there right as the tardy bell rings. (shudder)  I am such a stickler about being somewhere on time. 
Anywho…I have been staying up until about 1AM, this however is not a me thing…It’s because my bed buddy (Kelsie) comes and gets in my bed every morning after Kayla leaves for school.  We then proceed to sleep our lives away (literally) not getting up until at least 11AM. 
So last night I decided that I was sick of wasting my time and life and I took some Benadryl to put my hinney to bed at a decent hour.  I figured I would wake up this morning when Zack did and I would be raring to go and get things done. 
I woke up and noticed that the sun light was unusually bright for Zack to still be in bed.  I ask him what time it was, he rolled over and it was EIGHT!!!  Now, Kayla has to be at at school at 7:50 (this is the tardy bell)….OH NO! 
I shot up, ran to Kayla’s room told her to get up that it was 8 and she said “oh momma, it’s the FCAT!”.  I missed it.  I called the school, told them the story, it was 8:04 according to their clock, she said in order to still be allowed to take it today she had to be there by 8:15.  Zack threw on his clothes as did Kayla, she grabbed a banana and made it to school on time.  THANK YOU LORD!
The FCAT, if you aren’t familiar with the crappy term is the most important test for students in grades 3  on up in Florida.  If they fail a portion of this test, they fail the grade.  So even if your child makes straight A’s on everything else, they can still be held back.  Yep, I know it’s just crazy!!
Today was the writing portion of this test, I am not too worried, because Kayla is super smart in reading and writing.  She can write a story that is publish worthy.  Math however, well I am really scared for her.  She barely passed last year.  She has been attending Sylvan two days a week, but in all honesty, this past grading period she went from a B in math to a C.  Why?  Because they don’t work on her homework with her. 
They tested her and what she needs help in is what they are working on her with.  Great right.  Yes and no.  As much as she needs to know what she doesn’t, she also needs to work on what they are in school, because in the state of Florida, you only know what is on the FCAT.  Teachers at least in this county push what is on the FCAT.  So last year, she got behind in part of math because it wasn’t on the FCAT in 3rd grade, even though it was a 3rd grade priority that she learned it. 
I really can’t stand this about Florida.  I feel terrible for any child who just can’t pass tests. 
Keep Kayla in your prayers during the FCAT.  We really want her to pass it!
I am headed to do my dailies…Laundry!