Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Making Money Baby…Not So Much Cash. *smiles*

When I used to do the Celebrity Fit Club Boot Camp DVD workouts, Harvey the instructor would always say that “we’re making money, baby”, during a rigorous workout.  No, I didn’t pick up those DVD’s and start working out and no this post isn’t about exercise either.
I am “making money” with my rigorous  makeover projects about the house.  
Today, I am working on….
  • Chalk board paint….Painted a couple of coats in the kitchen on the door already! *smiles* 
  • The fishies will be finding a new home…Not in my home!  I have removed them all and I am in the process of patching up the many holes that they left me.
  • Washed and dried all the sheets and put clean ones on all 3 of our beds!  Yay…(making money, baby!)
My big talk on my kitchen and the long weekend.  HA!  We didn’t get anything accomplished.  Well, ok, so we bought the flooring…It’s gonna be fabulous!  Oh and Zack did manage to get my backsplash done last night. 
I am not showing any pictures, yet!  I will post one soon!  I want to get at least the molding up around my chalk board. 
Oh and I am working on another project with the chalk board paint..Did y’all know that this stuff is tintable?!?  How awesome is that?!  We chose moonstone for our kitchen, it’s  a dark gray and I must say it’s fab.
I really wanna show y’all a sneak peak, but I will just wait.
Oh, oh, and I am cleaning grout.  I asked earlier if anybody knew of a good way to clean it…Well, after searching I didn’t find anything on the net that tickled my fancy, so I concocted, comet and Clorox clean up…This is toxic to your lungs…I have a cold now because of it.  But it does work…But I decided to go with a commercial cleaner that isn’t so smelly.  It’s working but slowly. 
I am hoping to get at least half of the bathroom painted today. 
I am having a hard time finding the right lighting fixture to go in there.  Do y’all happen to know if they still make the ones that go over the vanity with the plug in on them?  We don’t have a plug in the bathroom and I know that Kayla would love to plug in say a hair dryer?!  I looked at Home Depot, with no luck.  There was nobody around to ask! 
Anywho…I better get busy….Making Money, Baby!


Darlene said...

It sounds like you are making progress and doing great! I can't wait to see the make-over!

Kelli said...

You go girl! Those sound like great projects.

Lazy Mom Leslie said...

Making money is right! You making me feel more lazy than usual!