Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Kitchen Floor and Bathroom Bits and Pieces and a new Bookcase!

So Zack has been busy, popping up crown molding and installing our new floor in the kitchen.  He was also sweet enough to get the framing up around my chalk board…And we are one step closer….
feb2009 016 The framing around the chalk board made a big difference and I love writing out our “Menu” daily.  Kayla seems to ask what we are having for dinner 20 times a day, now I just point to this!  Kelsie drew an “A” and scribbles right before I snapped the picture.  Her scratch on her face came from a book case falling over on her.  She is fine, just scratched up.  (thank God, because I know it could have been worse)
The molding still has to be put down around the base boards, this will be done over the next couple of nights.  Then we move onto the laundry room (beyond that door) to finish the flooring.  I am on the look out for a throw rug to go in front of the stove.  I can’t seem to find the right color red.  (I’ll keep looking!)
The bathroom….My projects were these frames hanging from ribbon, they each have the girls initials in them and below are their very own towel hooks!  They really love that. 
feb2009 021 I am working on finding a new laundry basket to go their between them.  I found one I want at Target, it’s $50.  I just can’t see paying that for something your going to put dirty clothes in.  But, then again it would look great and fit really well in here too.  This one is Kelsie’s pink square mesh one and although it’s pink it takes up a lot of room.  We shall see…..
Here is a better shot of the frames.
feb2009 022 And that shelf…Well, I really liked it because it went with the hooks for the towels…Zack said it looks like a store display shelf, but that is because at the moment, Kayla has all her body sparys and lotions on it. *smiles*
feb2009 023 The basket holds pony tail holders!  I found a really cute little wire bird that I want to get to go on this shelf and I am working on finding a piece of art to hang below it.  I am also looking for other goodies to go here as well.  Her stuff is here for a short stay.
Oh and a book case.  We bought this new book case for our den and I love it!  It of course came from Target. *smiles* (no this is not the book case that fell on Kelsie, the old one did)
feb2009 024 The 3 baskets hold all the crayons and coloring books for the girls.  And I was happy to get something big enough to house all their books with room to grow.  Guess, where this was?!  In the kids furniture section!!  Plus it was on sale for less than $60!


Sandy Toes said...

I love that chalkboard..so very cute!
-sandy toe

Darlene said...

LOVE the floor and the chalkboard in the kitchen. You did great with the framed initials for the bathroom. It looks like a great bookcase.

Kelli said...

Check my blog for an award I have for you!

zane said...

Wow really nice collection of Kids Furnishings .