Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Projects…And Need Some Advice, Please?!

The tv has been moved (goal 1 complete!)…Pictures will come this weekend…*There is an issue with our computer*
I have to head to Hobby Lobby and pick up some much needed new scrap paper for her cabinet doors.
I am working on hanging up pictures with my new frames that I received for Christmas. 
I am going to be doing something with a letter…But I need some much needed design advice….
I want to incorporate an animal print into our living room/dining room.  These rooms are combined…I don’t want an overwhelming amount, like a rug…But I will eventually get a chair.
Here are some pictures of the room….
**wow these are old!  this is before the hard wood floors were installed, and a few other changes have been made since then…but the color and furniture is the same.**
Ok…Here are the floors and our area rug…
I want either zebra or leopard….I was thinking of adding a throw pillow in this print onto the couch…We have an initial on that main wall there and I was going to decoupage it which ever print I used.  The chair does have a home, just hasn’t been purchased yet..She will have to wait.  For the dining room I wanted to buy placemats with that print, I wanted a runner for my cedar chest and maybe a picture frame or two on the end tables……I was thinking Zebra but what do y’all think?


Sandy Toes said...

I love a good "zebra"!!! I have been checking out your jo jo place I found where you are!
-sandy toe

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love both but I always go for the warm colors, so that means leopard for me! Can't wait to see what you pick!

The Graves' House said...

i love the zebra. i have a few accent pillow in our den out of some very muted zebra fabric and i've found that a lot can go with it. good luck, can't wait to see the final results.

Shannon said...

With the colors and style of your room I would do Zebra. They are both cute though!

Victoria*Claire said...

The zebra is more dramatic, and because it's black and white it can be moved to any room in the house. I like the leopard, too, and have several leopard/cheetah print items in my house, including a leopard print rug in front of the kitchen sink and large leopard print throw pillows on a dark brown leather sofa in our family room. Those pillows were well-loved during the past year, and will be replaced by smaller ones as soon as I bring them in from the car.

The new pillows are a wonderfully soft faux fur, and Walmart is selling them in sets of 2 for $22. They have several different animal prints, so now's a good time to visit Wally World and see which ones you like best.

Have fun with your project!

Victoria ~ auction girl vintage