Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Losing Weight…Tough Stuff!

image Wow, two posts in one day…So unlike me…Well, I was thinking last night about starting a journal for losing weight.  But then I thought more on it and I said, “hey, self, you have a blog…use it!”.  So I will be posting every once in a while about what I am doing, eating, feeling or whatever while on my way to my goal. 

I added one of those little ticker thingies on the side bar over there..I have lost 6lbs since December 25th. 

I am doing mini goals…3lbs every 2 weeks.  I figure that keeping my eye on small goals whether than the big picture it will be easier for me to get there.  I always fail after 10lbs because I keep thinking wow “I still have such and such to go.”  I hope to be at my big goal by the end of June. 

I am struggling.  I feel like I should have lost more since 12/25.  But I guess if you look at it I am right on track.  Getting up at 10:30 or later everyday (yes Kelsie sleeps that late) I am doing better with food.  For the reason, no breakfast and lunch.  Just brunch. 

I won’t eat a thing after dinner time which is no later than 6 or 6:30.  I drink water all day except with dinner and then I do drink tea.  I can’t live without my sweet tea…Hello I am from the south!  I am not giving up any food at all.  There is a whole ice cream bucket full of peanut butter fudge from Zack’s grandmother.  I will eat a piece or two a day. The pieces are as small as a miniature Reese cup.  (moderation, is my best friend) And I am not really snacking on anything. 

My exercise consists of doing the Wii Fit.  I was doing it daily but I have missed a few days.  I am worried about burning myself out on it.  So I am cutting back to 5 days a week.  I workout with it about 38 mins…This consists of yoga and strength training for 10 mins and the other 28  minutes is aerobics.  I feel like I am doing well with that.  I change up the yoga and strength training daily so that I am not working on the same muscles. 

So I hope your all along for the journey.  If the weight loss posts start taking over, I will start a new blog for it entirely.  I just didn’t want to jump the gun with starting a blog and then never posting anything but once a week.  I will try and update my ticker as I lose weight.

And I am still debating on whether to start using some sort of pills to help me along the way.  I have some Slim Quick pills, and I have used them before but alone with no dieting or exercise.  Maybe I should at least finish off the remainder of the bottle…This way I am not wasting them…Right?!


Glenda, saved by grace said...

Hey I have one of those weightloss tickers too, neat-o! Ive only lost 2 # in 2 weeks. I'm doing the manageable weightloss just like you!
Good luck, I'll be checkin in on ya!

Darlene said...

I have got to get with it!! I need to get moving and doing something about my weight! Good luck with your goals.