Monday, January 12, 2009

I Had This Whole Post Sorta Planned…

I was going to post pictures of where I moved the tv…I was going to show you what I put on the wall that was covered up previously by the tv…I was going to show you some pictures from the sleep over we had this weekend with Mirah.  But…Things change….

Kelsie is sick…She awoke last night after throwing up in her bed and she came to our bedroom and threw up on our floor…At 2am I was spraying her quilt off in the sink, washing it as well as linens and clothes in the washer, running the carpet cleaner in our bedroom…We gave her Emetrol and no more than it hit her tummy until she was in the bathroom throwing up.

She went and laid back down in bed, I laid with her holding a cold wash cloth on her forehead and neck and she went back to sleep…(my poor baby)  She then woke up at 5am going through the whole thing again!  Zack was sweet enough to get up and help that first time but the 2nd he said “Joanna, I have to get up in an hour and a half, I love you.”  It was really kinda funny at the moment..I told him to go back to sleep….I got her cleaned up again, her bed linens fixed up and she passed out as soon as her head hit the pillow.

This morning around 7am after I got up to get Kayla ready for school she went and got in my bed and went to sleep.  I headed back there around 7:30 and we slept until 10:45.  It was wonderful!

Zack had gone to the store before work and picked up some 7Up for her.  She is now drinking some with a little oatmeal.  She has since thrown up again and we have also had her first bout of the horrible poopy.  This is what she calls it. 

So she has the stomach flu for sure!  I am washing my hands every little while and I am going to be sanitizing everything for the next 24 to 48 hours to keep us all from getting it. 

If I am scarce, you know why.


Darlene said...

Oh NO...I feel for all of y'all! I hope she gets better quickly and that you don't all share it!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You poor thing, and your poor daughter too! Isn't it the worst feeling in the world to be up in the middle of the night with the pukes? Yuck! I hope it is getting better!