Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tag…8 Things

I was tagged by Jessica and since I have nothing to post about today…I will do this! *smiles*  If your on my Myspace then you know that these things are my favorite!

8 TV Shows I Watch
1) Top Chef
2) Iron Chef
3) Lost
4) Grey’s
5) The Rachel Ray Show
6) A variety of shows on HGTV
7) Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew
8) Sons of Anarchy

8 Favorite Restaurants
1) Olive Garden
2) Chili's
3) Buffalo Wild Wings
4) TGI Fridays
5) Pana Roma
6) Starbucks ~ That counts right?  They do have food too. *smiles*
7) Panera Bread
8) Schooners

8 Things that happened to me today
1) Woke up a lot later than I wanted….10:30!
2) Drank my morning coffee with Vanilla Chai creamer..YUM!
3) Picked up Kelsie’s room and made her bed.
4) Laid out the steak so it can thaw out…making kabobs for tomorrows Christmas dinner for Zack’s family.
5) Watched Kelsie play a game on the computer…my little baby is growing up! : (
6) Started laundry
7) Fixed the kids some lunch/breakfast.
8) Plugged in all the Christmas lights inside.

8 Things I look forward to
1) Tomorrow…It’s round one Christmas!  This is with Zack’s family.
2) Christmas Eve because it’s the night we go and look at Christmas lights around town.
3) Christmas Day to see the kids faces…It’s a magical moment to see their surprised looks as to what Santa has brought them.
4) Zack’s vacation…He will be home for a week and a half!
5) My Christmas presents…I too am like a little kid! *smiles*
6) Going to Indiana for Kayla’s spring break…(at least it’s planned at the moment anyways)
7) Our tax return in February!!
8) Lost!!

8 Things I wish for
1) That Kayla passes her FCAT
2) A Wii Fit!!
3) That Christmas is a good one, under the circumstances.
4) The kitchen make over to finally be finished!!!
5) To get the bathroom redone this coming year.
6) A new lap top!
7) To get rid of this ulcer….
8) Happiness for us all!

That was so much fun!  I tag anybody else that would like to play!  If you play just leave me a comment so that I can see what your answers were!  I hope everybody has a great weekend!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas too! I also love that Top Chef made your husband and I are addicted! I like the cooking part, and I think he likes the competition part. It's a great show.

Have a wonderful Christmas! :)

Diane W.Kaufman said...

I've just discovered your blog! I love this!!! I'll be forwarding you in the new year. Happy Holidays to you!