Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Southern Girl’s Christmas Tree

november2008 081 What you thought that I was going to show it to you all decorated?  Not yet!  As you can see she’s full, just perfect!  I did add our topper.  Which I know she isn’t the traditional angel, but when I was growing up my mother always topped the tree with something very similar (some of you may recognize such) but it broke a couple of years ago.  I was heart broken, until we were at Target that very same year and found this one, and I was happy again. 
I remember growing up telling my mother to please buy an angel because “that thing” on the top just doesn’t look normal.  Over the years, when I had it putting it on my own tree, I grew to love it. *smiles*  Now Kayla asks for the angel, and I always tell her that one day she will love it!
Yes, those are actual presents under there, hehe.  Remember I was wrapping around Halloween. *gasps*  I know have all of our presents wrapped and under the tree, except for of course the kids things.  They are stashed away in the closet and will come out on Christmas Day. 
You can see two stockings hanging there, don’t worry they will be in a post soon of their own!
I can’t wait to see all of your trees.  Oh and I will post a picture of mine all decorated soon!

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I love your tree! I have not started wrapping presents yet but have definitely thought about it...so fun!