Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving Shopping ~ this Southern Girls Way

Your mission if you choose to accept it is to shop for Thanksgiving dinner the Friday before Thanksgiving. 
I accept! Because I am thinking I am beating the crowds!  Everybody will shop this weekend.
Make your list and check it twice…
Head to store with two kids in tow…
I can do this, not a problem, beating the crowds remember! 
At the store, Kelsie is sitting in the cart, Kayla is following along.  I had my list out and was making sure to go down every isle, due to the fact that we hardly shop at Winn Dixie anymore and they have really changed the store around.  Two isles missed due to the fact that there are SO many people!  I thought I was beating the crowds!  Everybody else must have thought the same. HA!  Got everything on my list all the while listening to Kayla talk about school gossip. Interesting stuff I tell ya! And fighting to keep Kelsie in the cart, seated!! 
Check out…
Ahhh…Easy peasy!
What you don’t know is you are behind an elderly couple that is taking an hour to put each item on the belt thingie.  Cashier gives them a dirty look.  My kids are really getting loud and rambunctious now!  Finally she has them all checked out and what do you know, the man didn’t know his PIN number!  OY!
Finally I get up there have all my things out and there are no baggers…Great!  So the girl is scanning and bagging (poor thing), and I mention casually to her… “Ya'’ll need some baggers today, huh?”  But making sure I say it loud enough for the manager to hear me, since he happens to be standing at the end of the register next to me, staring as if I were made of gold. (MEN) But we all know he’s really staring feeling sorry for the way the kids are acting and such.  She says “their around somewhere”.  I just let it go.  All the things I could have said, but I didn’t because I had already had enough with the early shopping to beat the crowds!  I think next year I will go the day after Halloween so that I can beat the crowds! *smiles*
Have a great weekend ya’ll! 

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Darlene said...

I feel your stores ever have enough help any more???? Glad you got everything purchased. I am going during the day on Mon. to get the few more things I need for our favorite casseroles, ex. green bean casserole and cheesy brocolli/rice mouth is watering just thinking about them.