Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Job Hunting is Depressing Stuff ~ On a Serious Note

Yesterday afternoon, I sat down and went over our bills…This is something that I do not like to do no matter what.  But at the moment, it’s terrible.  I usually don’t post this kinda stuff on here, but I needed to get it off my chest….So here goes.
Zack was working at a sign company and making good money, we weren’t rich by no means, but we were making it just fine.  Then one day, months ago, they cute everyone’s hours.  At the moment, I can’t remember to what, but we took a pay cut.  Well, Zack was still able to work and get his 40 because of his boss.  But some weeks he couldn’t, due to the fact that they didn’t have any work to do in the Engineering department.  Well, I started looking for him another job.  All the while, we were having to put lot’s of things on credit cards, from groceries to necessities.  Because his check was going towards our mortgages and household bills.  It' will cost you two arms and your leg to live in this part of Florida.  Anywho.  I put in his resume all over the place.  I am thinking at least 5-8 companies hiring drafters.  Well, he got an interview with a company that is government contracted.  During this time, I was going to get a job in the evenings and on the weekends.  Zack wouldn’t hear of it.  (thanks baby!)  So, he went and started working part time a couple of nights a week at Winn Dixie as a cashier.  Funny, huh?  Well, I don’t think so! 
A couple of weeks passed and they cut his time at WD down to one day.  Psst…This isn’t enough to buy a fast food meal for a family of 4!  He kept on and then some things went down and we had to be out of town for two weeks.  My mother passed away.  They took him completely off the schedule and have yet to put him back on it. 
Well, a few weeks ago he got a call on the same day that he found out that at the company he was working for they had to put in 40 hours but were getting a 10% pay cut.  OUCH!  It was felt immediately.  He found out he got that job with the govt!  Yay!  Now it was to be weeks until he started. 
Weeks went by and yesterday happened.  He went for his first day.  I am thankful for this new job.  Thank the Lord!  Now, we are in a financial mess because of the hours lost and pay cut from his other job.  I have searched for two whole days for a job.  I have decided to give up my lovely stay at home status and put Kelsie in Pre K.  But, now here comes the bomb.  NOBODY is hiring!  I mean nobody!  I called everywhere, Walmart, Target, Kirklands, Starbucks, all the stores, I could think of, and they all said sorry.  I looked online at our paper.  Did you know I did a search for 20 different jobs in a 20 mile radius of our zip code, and turned no results!  I kid you not.  This is depressing. 
We now have more credit card debt then ever because of the company that he was previously working for.  I guess I can continue to look everyday, but I am beginning to think when I do find somebody hiring, there will be some stiff competition, because we are all in this same situation. 
Then if I do happen to land a position some where what are the odds that there will be an opening in a PreK facility??  Probably slim to none. 
So, I am now looking at ways to cut costs around here.  Number one…Power bill.  Number two…Not sure….
Just pray for our family and so many others that are going through this sorta financial pinch at the moment!  And be thankful for every penny you have!


Darlene said...

Oh Joanna,

I am so sorry you are in the situation but I am glad your hubby got the new job!!

You know with no jobs to be found in your area all you can do is tighten the belt! Unplug everything you can...keep the thermostat adjusted so the air won't come on as often. Cook cheap, filling meals and eat leftovers. I know it will be hard but I know you can put your mind to it and do it! I will pray for you that if you do keep looking something will come available for you esp. during the busy Christmas season.

Also, I used to go on a website called and then go in the bar to frugal village forums. There are some hard-core frugal ladies and men that give all kinds of great advice to pull yourself out of debt and do things cheaper in your life. You might go on there and just check it out.

Sorry I wrote a book!

Rambling Girl said...


First off a hug!
Second....yeah your hubby got the government job!
First...God will be there with you and your family...he always is!
Lastly....ok have you tried waitress job places...I don't know but at some of the nicer restuarants you can make some good tips...I have even thought about doing it recently just for fun...parttime are pretty good and nice places.

Like those ideas Darlene shared...

Lisa said...

This all sounds so familiar (we are struggling with this same problem) and I feel for your family as well as many others going through the same thing.

Just a suggestion (cause I have been considering it myself) but have you checked out working with the preschool your child will be attending? In some cases your child either gets a large discount or free tuition with your contribution and I do know some who get paid and their children were scholarshipped in for free. Be open about your circumstances and hopefully good things will arise.

Praying for you.


Amanda said...

Congrats on Z's new job! That is fabulous. and i hope he likes it. It really is a hard time right now for us all - and I will be thinking and praying for yall. Well, if you continue to have a hard time finding a job - you may wanna call a staffing firm; sometimes they can be very helpful. Also, with holidays coming up retail stores will probably be looking! Good luck - I will need your prayers and advice here soon when I am able to move out! YIKES!

P.S. Yep, don't forget about waitressing! nice $ can be pulled in if you don't mind working late a night or 2 a week!