Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fourth Grade Drama

The phone rang last night and Zack answered the phone, I heard him ask who was calling and then quickly handed the phone to Kayla, who was sitting at the dining table coloring with Kelsie. 
Immediately Kayla went into a whirl of “uh huh” and he said, she said.  I thought to myself back when I was in fourth grade.  I would come home and the days I wasn’t outside riding bikes with my friend, Jonathan, I would be on the phone with my boyfriend, Chris.  I will never forget these phone conversations, because everyday at 4:30 one of us would call the other and we would sit and sing the intro of Tiny Toons and then talk to each other while the 30 minute show was on. 
While there are no boys calling our home to watch 30 minute cartoons, there are little girls starting to call and the drama is starting.  Although, Kayla isn’t into cartoons and I am sure a little boy wouldn’t want to watch Hannah Montana or Drake and Josh while on the phone. *smiles*
She was on the phone for about 15 minutes and I was so upset by just about everything I heard.  They were talking about this one little girl.  You see last Friday it all started on the play ground.  Kayla and 2 other girls were looking through a toy magazine that someone had brought to school.  One of the little girls were pointing and talking about what she wanted for Christmas, an IPOD and IDog.  Kayla mentioned she received those last year for Christmas, which she did.  And the little girl told her she was a liar that her parents couldn’t pay for them.  Kayla told her something, unsure of what, because she won’t completely fess up, and the little girl ran off to tell the teacher that Kayla pinched her and so Kayla got sent inside.
Kayla was upset about the whole thing after school when I picked her up and so I told her that the little girl was just jealous.  You see I know this little girl and her mother, Kayla and the little girl cheered together last year.  This is the only little girl that has been to our home.  We hosted a big cheerleading thing where they come over and piled in our living room and watched the video of themselves and ate popcorn. 
Kayla don’t understand why the little girl would lie about the pinching and she don’t understand jealousy.  She is blind to kids not having what she has.  This little girl has been moved from government housing into a home that they now rent not too far from the school.  Her mother works hard for them to have what they have.  She doesn’t have a father and her mother has many boyfriends that have come in and out since she was little.  It’s sad.  I am sure the little girl is jealous, of not just the material positions that she has but the home life that she has.
I told her that she shouldn’t talk about the little girl or anybody else for that matter.  I told her she wouldn’t want people to talk about her and she agreed.  Of course this won’t stop it, because for some reason, this is just what girls do.
All I can do is hope and pray that everything in Mrs. G’s 4th grade class works out for the best!


Darlene said...

We started with a lot of "little girl" drama in the 3rd grade. I have also talked to Lexi about how girls act and react to things. This year the girls that were all having the problems seemed to have worked it out, because they all seem to do pretty well together. Or have different friends. Our huge problem seemed to be that if so and so was your "best" friend, they should always want to play with you instead of someone else. Lexi had to learn you can have many friends and it is much more fun when you play with a variety instead of one person ALL the time. I know it is only the beginning......

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Oh my gosh, 4th grade! It starts early, I remember similar things happening when I was a little girl. I don't think I am brave enough to deal with it as a parent yet! Luckily my daughter is only two so I have a little time to prepare!

Amanda said...

My life has been crazy...looks like yours is too! OMG I remember those days. It is just sad that this kind of thing starts so early!