Thursday, September 4, 2008

Target...This Southern Girl's Dream!

I am a Target girl through and through..Forget about Walmart, Target is where I get my shop on! *smiles* Don't get me wrong, yes, I do venture into Walmart, sometimes I have to go there simply because Target may not carry what I am looking for, or I know that the price is better at Walmart. (dog food)

Kelsie and I went shopping this morning, getting that Christmas shopping out of the way. It's so hard for Santa to shop. I was picking up things and putting them in the buggey and Kelsie was wanting it all! It was just so hard, especially once we got home. I had purchased her the Little People doll house. Oh my! It was so hard to get it into the back of our closet without the tantrums. I lured her away with this.....

And then look at the cute little Halloween items I picked up. The "Trick or Treat" shirt and little candy adornded leggings belong to Kelsie and the "Pumpkin" shirt belongs to Kayla. I figured these would be so cute when we go to the Pumpkin patch for picture taking!

Of course now I have to show you this...It was on my front porch when I arrived home...Hmmm...How I do love me some coffee! *smiles*

I am also working on a tutorial for the koozies that my niece (Amanda) and I made...I have all the pictures uploaded, I just have to put them in order and get them in a post! So stay tuned..I think I will have a cup of coffee!

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Lilith Silvermane said...

How awesome! Those are great Halloween things! I need to start shopping for my stuff