Friday, September 5, 2008

Fall Decorating Inside, Southern Girl Style!

I have so many visions of how I want things to look. I want to have so many things, but the budget won't allow too much spending. So, I will just improvise! *smiles*

I love the idea of garlands (yep the raggamuffin kind) I have made a few, so I am planning on making one for fall. In colors of brown, rust, orange, mustard, ribbons and trim! Here are a few that I have made.

*I got this idea from The Nester.*

I made this one for my mom to hang over her bed in the nursing home.
This one is Kayla's, it is hanging over her bed.
This one is Kelsie's and is hanging over her bed.

This one as you can see is hanging in a door way. There were once French doors here, (long before we owned this home) and so I thought I would fill in the space with colors from our den. (the room it's actually hanging in)

I am planning on using the fall one that I make hung around my chandelier over my dining room table. I think it will make the perfect touch! That light in that picture above, that is the light that the garland will hang throughout.
I also have a ceramic pumpkin that I purchased as a center piece for Kelsie's Cinderella birthday party. I am going to buy some fall colored leaves and place them under the pumpkin, with parts sticking out..Add some pine cones and maybe a couple of other pieces and you have a beautiful fall center piece. This will go on the table that is below that light.
I am thinking of picking up acorns and putting them in a vase I have, adding a pillar candle in a rust or mustard color and add that to my coffee table.
All of this fall decor will be out until Thanksgiving. Because that weekend, our Christmas decor will come out. (I will be adding Halloween decor amongst my fall stuff at the begining of October)
A little bit of inspiration ~

I mentioned the coffee table above...Stay tuned for a whole post dedicated to the coffee table decor!


Sherri said...

I like the idea of the candle with the sweetgum balls around it...simple but cute

Amanda said...

Awww your momma will love the swag! That is awesome. I'm diggin' the ideas for the fall decorating. I've gotta do some of that myself!

Darlene said...

Hi, it is nice to meet you!! I am always excited when someone new visits. LOVE your scrappy ragamuffin garlands.....did you see my tutorial? Of course, I can see you do them fabulously!! I LOVE all of your inspiration pictures....I have been decorating some....still tweaking and pulling stuff out. It is hard when the weather is so hot still. I will put my scarecrow, pumpkins and mums on my front porch toward the end of September. I also love your blog and am going to add you to my favorites...:)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Those garlands are so pretty!! I wish I would have the patience to complete one...I also know what you mean about the budget not living up to the dream. :) Thanks for visiting my blog today, I have really enjoyed visiting your blog too!