Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Peak Into My Fall Decorations

It's not much, but a little can go a long way. I didn't want to over do it, because well, there is still Halloween to think about! And of course that will be coming out soon too.

I headed off to Walmart and Kohls, what did I come home with?

Some leaf garland - $3.00, a container of beaded pumpkins - $6.00, a fall wreath - $10.00...A couple of fall kitchen towels...$6.00 ~ I did quiet well. And to top it off, I used my moss from Target that I got for $1.98! I will not put my wreath up looking like that...It's just not complete. It needs more...I am thinking feathers, a nest, some more leaves...MORE! Not quiet sure what else I will add to it, but this weekend I am gonna start hunting! Can't wait to get to work and post it next week...

So, what did I do with my goodies???

The garland looks great around my pictures on my chest in my dining room...The little pumpkin sitting a top some of that moss is sitting ony my little entry table...The vase, well it got a touch of moss and a pumpkin as well..She's sitting on my other side table. The little pumpkins along with the moss beside the center speaker, looks a little more fall like...I do realize that the top of that speaker looks a bit naked...I am aware of this, I am on the search for something to add...What would you put there?? And my little towels are hanging on my oven!

And I did manage to make a garland while feeling under the weather...I didn't hang it on my light as planned, but I think that the change is for a good one! I decided to put it on my coffee table under my white pumpkin!

You will have to wait and see what I got for my light over my dining room table...I will give you a hint...Valeria Par Hill from QVC. If you haven't shopped from her line, wow, you need too.. She has some grand things...To see a piece that I have purchased from her line (besides what is going to hang on my light) this is in my kitchen on the counter...

Isn't that little rooster a cutie? I do not have a rooster theme, but the gingham shade, I couldn't pass up!


Darlene said...

Cute, cute stuff!! I LOVE your scrappy garland...it looks cute under your pumpkin. Mine has moved all around since I started decorating....right now it has a home..... Also, the rooster lamp, LOVE it!! I don't necessarily have a rooster theme going on in my kitchen either but I have several of them up on my armoire that is used as a pantry. That lamp would look FABULOUS in MY kitchen....so if you get tired of it just send it my way......lol

Rambling Girl said...

Loving all your decor...I am going to make me one of those ragamuffins that everyone is making...They are so cool. I love the rooster lamp, that is my theme in my kitchen...thanks so much for sharing!