Sunday, September 7, 2008

What Does a Southern Girl do with Moss on Sale at Target?

I always look at the end caps in Target. You never know what you will find and just in case you *gasp* aren't a Target goer, this is where you will find all their clearance items. *smiles*

While I was there yesterday I was searching for something for my coffee table. (post about coffee tables later) I didn't find anything particularly for my coffee table and I wasn't real sure about what I would do with what I found because I have never bought something like this before. Due mainly to the fact that well it's sorta pricey. (or at least to my pocket book it is)

I know, you want to know what I found....I already had this small fish bowl. (not sure of another name for it)
The price on that reads $1.98!! I know, fillers are normally upwards $8 or more...I lucked out. *smiles*
So what did I do with it? I added a little star fish and put her on my side table beside my couch in my living room! I love it, so simple and easy, yet so decorative.

That little "Love" sign came from Kirklands a few weeks ago for only $2.99! I couldn't believe it either!
So that is what I did with a little bit of moss. Do you have any suggestions on what to do with the rest? I am open for anything...I do have a vase that I could add it into...But what else would I put in the vase? I have thought on this one for a while now!


Darlene said...

I LOVE it....looks GREAT!! The sign is just too cute and for THAT price from Kirklands...WOW!!

You can use the moss under pumpkins, acorns or pinecones when you start doing your Fall decorating. Put in among leaves, twigs, acorns, pinecones in a wreath for Fall. Those are a couple that popped into my mind.

Amanda said...

Check out the apothocary jars from Holly Mathis Interiors...

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I love the moss!!
I don't have any pictures up of this currently, but I will take some of my moss and curly willow branches arrangement. P.O.O.P.I.E. approved - they used to be real....

Anyways, I took the moss and stuffed it tightly into a wire vase - but a glass vase would work too. Once it's packed tightly, it's sort of like florist's foam- you can use it to hold things in place. Next, I took a package of curly willow branches, cut them down a bit (they're still tall, but not REALLY REALLY tall like they were), and artfully stuck them into the moss.
It sounds kind of weird, but I love this arrangement. Plus, it's great for fall!

Love your blog!