Monday, September 15, 2008

My Wreath ~ The Cheap Southern Girls Way!

For my Poopie Post the other day I posted this wreath. It was purchased for just $10 at Walmart. It was just naked. I had high hopes for it. Thinking feathers, a nest, and such. I really wanted to copy the wreath that belongs to the infamous Nester....Well I got part of it right.

The before ~
But after further plans changed...As you can see there are lot's of elements from pupmkins and leaves to pine cones and berries...But, you can see all that bare wreath beneath...So off to Hobby Lobby to purchase a feather boa...$3.99
The After ~

I think it looks a lot better. What do y'all think? all I did was put the chocolate brown boa throughout and fluff up the leaves and berries.
Tomorrow I am going to show you my Halloween crafts...The girls and I decided to do some crafting on Friday and had so much fun. We went ahead and sat our things up! *smiles*
Oh and my decorations the other day for inside, I had shown this...
Well this is what I have done with it...I think Mr. Scarecrow makes it look complete now!
Oh and my special something came from QVC. I have it up and the picture is waiting....I will show you what I did with it...Later! *smiles*


Amanda said...

The wreath looks awesome! It made a huge difference :)

Amanda said...

Oooo and the was at y'alls house. Granny gave it too us a long time ago!

Rambling Girl said...

Cute wreath. I saw that wreath at our Walmart and thought it was bare to so I did not get it...Now I see just adding to it makes it cute!

Love the shelf...Just another cute fall decor.

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

The wreath really looks lucious now, you have the touch!

Darlene said...

That wreath looks great and I love your scarecrow in the shelf decorations!

Lilith Silvermane said...

That looks amazing! Great stuff, I can't wait for the winter holiday season! Your house is going to be amazing!

Anonymous said...