Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Adventures of Mr. Sweets {our Elf}

Mr. Sweets was named shortly after breakfast time on Saturday morning.  Mr. Sweets of course got his name because of all the sweets those elves love to eat at the North Pole.  He brought with him a fabulous breakfast for our family to enjoy; in celebration of his arrival.  Of course no arrival is complete without gifts!

december 2012 004

december 2012 003

Breakfast included:

  • Hot Cocoa with Glaciers {marshmallows}
  • Snow Dusted Doughnuts {powdered doughnuts}
  • Candy cane posts {candy canes used to hold the doughnuts}
  • Mrs. Claus Special Christmas Munch {Chex Muddie Buddies and Chex Peppermint Bark Muddie Buddies}
  • Kisses from the reindeer {peppermint Hershey kisses}
  • Fresh Fruit {fruit tray from the grocery store – the fruit was provided by Mrs. Claus since “all those” sweets aren’t good for you}

Mr. Sweets had a letter that explained what he was there for and why he wasn’t here last year.  {he had to go to school ya know!} 

He brought gifts for the girls because he wanted to start off on the right foot by spreading a North Pole tradition of giving something to keep your tootsies warm.  Kelsie got slippers because hers were too small for her and Kayla got a new pair of Christmas socks.  He also brought batteries for our advent calendar. 

december 2012 019


Sunday morning we found Mr. Sweets had made a “sprinkle angel” on the kitchen counter.  He was trying to hide behind our jar that holds our chalk, but he didn’t do a very good job of hiding!

december 2012 001


On Monday morning Mr. Sweets was found in our tree holding two very special pieces of paper from the North Pole for the girls to write their letters to Santa on.

december 2012 002

december 2012 011

On Tuesday morning he was found hanging out below our television where he had just finished writing the girls a letter. His letter was reminding them of their bad behavior on Monday night and that not nice behavior ends up on the naughty list.  He also told them that when he reported back to Santa the night before that they both were sad. 

december 2012 001

Stay tuned for more of Mr. Sweets adventures!

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