Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ChapStick makes a Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

I always like to include inexpensive, fun, and useful items in my girls stockings.  It just makes sense to me to include something that will be used more than Christmas morning or the last few days of December. 

I’ve chosen fun Christmasy socks in the past and then regretted that decision because not everybody wants to wear Santa embellished candy cane stripped socks in January!  So I’ve gotten to where I stick more with useful items like small games, makeup and the like.


A name like ChapStick everybody knows.  It’s something that any and everybody can use and if it’s flavored something fun, it’s always great for those hard to buy for tweens and teens!

I received a few of their seasonal flavors to try out and we love them and will hate to see them go after the holiday season.  These yummy seasonal favorites are:

Apple Cider and Candy Cane which can be found in the cough and cold, seasonal or check out lanes at grocery stores, drug stores and mass retailers. 

Chocolate Truffle {<----- I KNOW!} can only be found exclusively at Walmart.  Well, there is a reason to fight those crazy crowds you always encounter in Walmart! 

These make perfect stocking stuffers for boys or girls and really any age over the age of 5. {5, from my own personal experience}

Oh and if your like me and always on Facebook, make sure you check out their page so you can stay up to date on the newest flavors!

“The ChapStick® product and  information have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”

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