Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Chicken of the Sea No Drain Tuna Review

Every time we buy groceries we always buy two cans of tuna.  The reason being is tuna patties are usually on our menu or for the girls’ lunch/snacks.  Both Kayla and Kelsie love tuna salad sandwich’s or tuna and crackers.  So needless to say we are a tuna loving family!

Open_Can_1I don’t know if this bothers you but the one thing that I have always hated about opening a can of tuna is draining it.  It’s just time consuming, messy, and dangerous.  Well, dangerous because I normally end up nicking my finger trying to dig the lid out from inside the can after I use it to press out all the liquid. 

Chicken of the Sea has solved my bothersome problem with tuna and introduced a No Drain Tuna.  We got the opportunity to try it out the other day when I made tuna patties and I loved the no drain part! When I opened the can and started to scoop the tuna out into the bowl I noticed only a tiny amount of water that was quickly absorbed by the tuna before having the chance to get all the tuna out.  Then I was worried that it would be too moist, but it was perfect! 

We won’t be buying any other kind of tuna anymore except for Chicken of the Sea’s No Drain Tuna.  It tastes just like it should and in one easy step your ready to use it.  Open the can and go.  I love that because now Kayla can open the can and get it ready for her or whoever without having to call me to make sure it’s drained out enough.

I hope the next time your out shopping you’ll pick up Chicken of the Sea No Drain Tuna.  I know you’ll love it as much as our family does!


*the above mentioned product was sent to me for review purposes only.  no other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% honest and my own.

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