Wednesday, October 26, 2011

That’s the Wonder of Wonder Works in Panama City Beach!

On Sunday we got the chance to finally go to Wonder Works.   They have been open at the beach for some time now but we just never had the extra cash lying around to go.  Luck for us, they are currently offering locals a discount! 
We didn’t tell the kids that’s where we were going so it would be a surprise for them.  Every time we are out near that area, they both talk about wanting to go there so you can only imagine their excitement when we pulled into the parking lot.
october 2011 110
It’s a very neat place and if you are ever near any of their locations, I highly recommend you checking it out. 
We started off by walking through one of those crazy tunnels that spin around and around and it totally messes your balance up. 
Next up was the hurricane shack.  The girls and I ventured in while Zack and his dad were playing with Google Earth.  You get to experience hurricane force winds.  Very cool, but very scary to imagine anything stronger than what you feel there.
The next exhibit, which was by far my absolute favorite was the Titanic one.  WOW!  There is a broken ice burg sort of thing that has been hollowed out and inside is water.  Water that is about 28 degrees.  The temperature the water was the night the Titanic sank.  I have to admit that as soon as my finger tips were submerged they went numb and tingly with needle prick sensations.  I don’t see how anybody at all survived that.  They were stronger than I am, that’s for sure.
october 2011 111
Zack and I rode this really cool thing.  I didn’t even read what it was called or what it was even about.  Ha.  All I know is that when the attendant turned it on we started rocking back and forth.  But she started telling us to pedal and we started going faster and soon we were upside down, far more than any roller coaster I’ve ever rode.  It was a lot of fun!  Kayla was too scared to ride it and Kelsie was too short and she was so very upset!
october 2011 132
Zack, me and his dad all tried out the bed of nails.  The kids wanted nothing to do with it.  Haha.  The lady that was working it wanted at least Kayla to try it out and so she got out it and bent her knees to her chest and even laid on her stomach!!  AND, if that wasn’t enough, she bent her legs up behind herself and proceeded to rock back and forth on it.  Ouch!
october 2011 116
There were so many exhibits I can’t possibly tell y’all about them all.  It’s a place that we’d love to go back to one day.  Hopefully when Kelsie is 48” tall so she can ride that ride and the roller coaster simulators.  She was upset she couldn’t do those either.  Oh and the ropes course.  Of course I didn’t do the ropes course.  Instead Kelsie and I hung around the arcade games playing Skee Ball and winning tickets while Zack and Kayla climbed overhead like monkeys.  Haha.
october 2011 159
october 2011 160
Oh, in case your wondering…boots are definitely made for walking!  Not climbing!!  She said that it was very hard in those boots. 
october 2011 166
At this point…Zack is on the highest level and walking across a stairwell!!  If he looked down at this point all he would see would be stairs going down to the floor beneath.  Braver than I am!
In all it was a really great experience! We had a lot of fun and made some great memories.


Kelli said...

Oh my goodness...this place looks amazing. I can see why the girls were begging to go there. Wow! I want to do there...looks like SO much fun :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That looks like such an awesome place!

Miller Racing Family said...

Girl that does look like a blast. I love the first photo of the girls. We went through a Titanic musuem in Branson, MO and it was neat to see what they all went through.