Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vitamins Make for a Better Me {and you}

I have taken a multivitamin for as long as I can remember.  My earliest memory are the fruity flavored cartoon character shaped ones. I remember going to my pediatrician at a very young age and my mother worrying about my overall health.  She was worried because I was a picky eater.  There would be days when I didn’t eat anything but cheese and crackers or peanut butter sandwiches.  As a mom now I can see why she was worried.  The pediatrician told her to give me a daily multivitamin and that I would be perfectly healthy.  He was right.  The vitamins that I were taking and have taken for years now have helped me stay healthy.
I am still a picky eater.  I don’t like vegetables unless it’s lettuce and I don’t eat beans.  When you take away vegetables and legumes from a diet your taking away a lot of vitamins and minerals your body needs.  Lucky for me I haven’t missed a day of taking my daily vitamin.  I swear by daily vitamins so much that I make sure my girls and husband have theirs nightly.  I was able to prove my “vitamins are good for you theory” a couple of months ago when I went in for my yearly check up.  My doctor has been wanting to do extensive blood work on me for a while due to some family illnesses.  She went ahead and also ordered a vitamin and mineral panel to check my vitamin and mineral levels. The tests came back and proved that I was indeed as healthy as a cucumber.   My vitamin and mineral levels were exactly where they should be.  I can honestly say that this has everything to do with my daily multivitamin because my diet wouldn’t provide any of the nutrients that I need.
I also like to think that our multivitamins have helped me and my family stay healthier throughout the years.  It’s hard to stay well all year long especially during the school year.  The kids are constantly saying that somebody in their classroom is sniffling and or coughing.  I work in a preschool class and am amongst germy hands and runny noses all day.  However with all the germs that we are around we tend to not get as sick as often as we did before and when we do come down with something it doesn’t seem to last as long. 
So if you want my advice I think that everybody should be taking a daily multivitamin.  If your not convinced you should give it a try for at least a few months.  It’s not going to hurt anything by taking them and who knows you might feel as healthy as we do!
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Kelli said...

I'm actually getting ready to look into vitamins for the kids. I would like to use an all-natural vitamin or at least one without all the filler. Someone suggested Whole Foods.

Miller Racing Family said...

Good post. I needed a reminder that I should be taking vitamins. Thanks for the encouragement!