Friday, September 23, 2011

The Santa Club {book review}

A topic that has been in much debate over the past few years with Kayla has been Santa Claus.  I have refused to let go of her childhood and I keep reassuring her that Santa does in fact exist and that he is the one bringing the gifts that she unwraps on Christmas morning. 

I know, I know, I am lying to her.  But, ya’ll this is the one. last. existence of her childhood.  Once she finds out, her childhood is basically over.  She’s 12 and it’s gonna be hard this year I’m sure of it.  It breaks my heart in an Earth shattering way. 

My kids have always known that we celebrate Christmas because it’s Jesus’ birthday.  But I incorporated Santa, just as my parents did me.  My girls believe that Santa brings us gifts to help celebrate Jesus’ birthday. Call it strange, weird or whatever, but this is the way we have always celebrated.  They know the meaning of the season and that is all that matters to me.  Santa Claus is just magical.

image I have read many ways of breaking it to your kids about Santa, and I had even found a pretty good one on Pintrest that I was going to use this year for Kayla, but when I got the email to review the book The Santa Club, I knew that this was my answer. 

When I got the The Santa Club in the mail I was very impressed after reading through it.  It’s not a long story or something that’s going to take you an hour to read with your child, but it says all the right words and includes all the right ways of putting it in perspective to children that Santa is in fact real.  And now that they know his story, they are officially part of the Santa Club.  {there is a certificate in the back of the book for the child as well}  I loved the idea of including the rules as part of the Santa Club because one of the rules that was included was something that I feared about when Kayla did find out, and that was to not ever tell other kids that Santa is not real, to always answer with “yes”. 

I have yet to read this book to Kayla because after all it is only September.  But I know that as soon as our tree goes up and we start asking the girls what they want from Santa this year, Kayla’s going to ask the inevitable as she does every year, “is Santa really real?”.  Now I am fully prepared to take her aside from Kelsie and read this book with her.  I feel more at ease bringing her into the Santa Club for which all parents are apart of.  

I highly recommend picking up The Santa Club for those of you whose children believe.  You’ll be prepared when the time comes to answer that magical question, that a lot of us fear.

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Made In The South said...

Awww...sounds like a great book. I still have never told my children, it is just an unsaid thing. They are 22 & 18, I always would say,
"If you don't believe, you don't recieve." So to this day if they ask me for something for Christmas, I tell them that I will let Santa know. LOL
Have a great weekend,