Monday, September 26, 2011

Miscellany Monday {blogging, i'm a terrible mother, the chew, family, and pictures of my decorations}

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

one} Right now I am not digging blogging on the desktop. It's hard to add photos to posts and I can't watermark them through Live Writer because that version isn't available for Windows XP.

two} It was a typical Monday this morning. Call me a terrible mother, but I had to shove Kelsie into the class room with tears rolling down her cheeks. She admitted that it's not Math, it's just she misses me. Sweet. Believe me, I think it is precious. BUT, it gets so frustrating every morning when she doesn't want to go to school. I talked to her teacher this afternoon and we are going to try the buddy system tomorrow. This means I have to get to school earlier so she can make it to the lunch room. :/ We'll see how that goes. I am actually hoping that it works out well so that she won't cry anymore. Her teacher is so sweet and really did a lot of talking to Kelsie this afternoon instead of me. I am hoping that since her teacher talked to her instead of me, she'll do some listening. :)

three} My awesome brother and sister n law came this past weekend. It was great seeing them. Kay and I stayed up too late chit chatting. We watched the Bama game and the Gators play. We ate pizza and Zack cooked a dinner Saturday night that my brother raved about. He even requested it when we come up for Thanksgiving. However, we were sad to see them leave yesterday.

four} Tomorrow night is Kayla's open house. I can't wait to meet her teachers and find out how well she's doing in class. Plus she's pretty excited to go since she'll be selling year books and senior ads.

five} I hate to admit it to those of you that are huge fans of All My Children, but I really like the new show that is in that time slot, The Chew. I love Michael Simon and Carla is so fun! I really like her because I first "met" her on Top Chef. I watched todays episode and can't wait to try the apple rings that Carla cooked. They are super easy and fairly healthy. However, I can say that I understand the boycott, because I was that way for several weeks due to them taking two shows off that I loved and I refused to watch the new shows they put on in that time slot. But I am lucky to the fact that those shows were brought back because I am guessing the other shows bombed with the ratings. So I'll continue watching The Chew until it does the same. ;)

six} Is anybody else counting down to cooler weather? I saw that this weekend we are going to have a low of 60!! I don't think I've ever been so excited! It's been so hot this Summer that when I hear "cold front" I get more excited than a kid in a candy store. Seriously!

seven} Have y'all seen my review for The Santa Club? It's one review that I think is worth sharing about on this meme. It's a book that is perfect for those of us that have children who believe in Santa and that will eventually ask about him. Read it and let me know what y'all think!

To that I will leave you with my Fall/Halloween decorations. :) I still have a few things to add but here is what I have now.

And since I am getting mad at all these pics being blurry I refuse to show anything else until I take new ones! I am not sure what's up with all that. I am going to clean my camera lens and try again. Later.


Kelli said...

My poor sweet Kelsie. I'm sure that is touching that she misses you yet frustrating at the same time. I hope the buddy system works. Ooh, sounds like you had such a fun time with your brother and SIL...I would be sad to see them go too. Hopefully you all will hook up for Thanksgiving. I am in love with the cooler weather. Looks like your house is really ready for Fall. I need to pull out my decorations this weekend.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Your decorations are so cute! I have got to get up in the attic and get my fall stuff down! I keep waiting for cooler weather that never seems to come! I hope Kelsie has a better day at school today:)

Miller Racing Family said...

Poor Kelsie, I hope it gets better. I know school is so hard on the little ones. I love the decorations, the bats are my favorite. I did get my fall decor out a few weeks ago but this weekend I am going to add in the Halloween decor.