Sunday, September 4, 2011

Halloween Costumes {review}

If you’ve taken a look around your local big box stores you may have noticed that the school supplies are on clearance and the Halloween decorations and costumes are starting to make an appearance. 
We start thinking about Halloween costumes early in the season because the really good ones are gone very quickly.  This year was no different.  We were given the opportunity to work with and I knew that I was going to have Kayla pick out a costume to try out.  She’s usually the hardest one to find a costume for.  Tween costumes are the ones that are usually gone first in the size we need.
Kayla chose the Tweens 80s Valley Girl Costume.  It’s really cute and I told her it imagereminded me of the style during the time that I grew up in.  Bright colors and leggings.  She bought a pair of white sunglasses to wear with it and she has the perfect jewelry that will match. has all sorts of 80s costumes to choose from.
When the costume arrived I was surprised that it was very well made for the price of less than $30.00.  She put it on and it fit perfectly.  The size chart was very helpful in trying to decide on the size to get. 
We purchased a very expensive {$50} costume last year for her that was cute none the less but it was bought at one of those Halloween super stores that appear in vacant buildings during the season.  It was so thin she had to wear a tank top underneath it!  The 80s Valley Girl Costume doesn’t have this problem.  
We would definitely purchase Halloween costumes from  Not only is shopping quick and easy but you’ll be pleased with the quality as well.
**the above mentioned item was received for review purposes only.  all opinions are honest and 100% mine.**

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Miller Racing Family said...

Great post. I will have to check this store out as I have not even thought about Halloween costumes. Usually by now I have them already bought or made, this year I don't have a clue what we are going to do. Hope this site gets my thinking cap going.
Have a fabulous weekend!