Thursday, September 29, 2011


These past couple of weeks we have been a bit on the frazzled side.   Zack has been having some things going on with him {medically}.  He finally decided that he had had enough with the various symptoms and went to see my aunt on Tuesday.  She got him in that day by pulling some strings at a Gastroenterologist.  They made him an appointment for October 11th for a couple of procedures. 

But, since Tuesday he has lost his appetite and hasn’t been eating but a few bites here and there and making himself do so.  He called today and talked to the nurse.  She has him now going in on Monday morning.  Needless to say, we are relieved that they pushed it up because it was ridiculous that it was going to take that long to be seen and find out anything.  He has been completely on edge.  I feel horrible because there is nothing that I can do to help him. 

He’s on an all clear liquids diet from today until Monday.  I am hoping and praying that it’s something easily fixed.  I always assume the worst.  When I have played doctor and Googled symptoms, I am terrified by what I have found.  All I can do is pray and ask that y’all please do the same. 


Nicole said...

No google!! I scare the bejeezus out of myself when I do that & everything always turns out very minor, I will pray that your husbands is too =D

Miller Racing Family said...

Bless your heart. I will be praying for your entire family.

A-K said...

Sorry things have been so frazzled lately. I hate those bumps along the road-but I guess they are inevitable :( Hope Z's appointment goes well and he feels better soon. Please let us know what the dilly is! I missssss y'all so much and think of yall EVERY day. I really really really want y'all to move here like, yesterday :)