Saturday, June 18, 2011

Box Tops University 2011

As some of you know I was recently invited to attend the 2011 Box Tops University in Minneapolis Minnesota at the General Mills World Headquarters.  I just returned last night and I have to say that the event was very resourceful.  I really had no idea that Box Tops was such a huge project. 

Box Tops University June 2011 023

Of course we clip the box tops and turn them in to the school where the kids attend, however, I didn’t realize the overall effect that it has on the schools.

  Last year Box Tops brought in $59 million dollars.  That may not sound like that much but when you think about it, Box Tops are only 10 cents a piece.  That’s a lot of Box Tops!  The top earning school earned $20,000!!  Wow!!  To hear these numbers is amazing.  And when you think about it, when you throw away a Box Top your throwing away 10 cents that could go towards helping a school. As one of the Box Tops Coordinators said “would you throw a dime into the trash?”, No!  That’s really a great way to look at it.  So whether or not you have kids, save your Box Tops anyways and drop them off at a school of your choice.  They would be thrilled to accept your “dimes”.  

Over the course of the next week or so I’m going to be sharing what we did as well as the event itself.  I want to share everything that I learned.  I want to thank General Mills and Box Tops for inviting me to attend this years event.

If you want to find out more on what went on while there be sure to check out hashtag #NBTU and #boxtops on Twitter.  I am sure there will be lots of posts from all the ladies that attended with me. 

**I was invited to attend this event and all accommodations were paid for on behalf of General Mills. 

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Miller Racing Family said...

How exciting. I would love to hear about your trip as I helped with the box top program when I taught kindergarten.
Have a great day!