Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kindergarten Graduation

**pictures galore**
It’s over and my face is tear stained and my heart is heavy.  Kelsie’s Kindergarten graduation was this morning and I am so sad that my baby is officially growing up. 
It was a great ceremony complete with a memories slide show with some fantastically sad and equally as great music. It included pictures from throughout the year in class as well as field trips and the water day.  I bought the dvd of the memories slide show so that I can shed tear after tear for a while.  Or just put it away for later when my baby is all grown up, say, oh, 5th grade! 
We were planning on taking Kelsie to Outback {her choice} afterwards for lunch, but who woulda known they aren’t open until 4 during the week.  So she chose Red Lobster.  This was my second time only eating there and I must say it’s my last.  But I’m not going to ruin this post about my bad food. :-)  Kelsie also got to open up her graduation goodies..Coraline on Blu-Ray, Tangled for her Tag Reader, a Tinkerbell night gown and a light up spikey bouncy ball. 
All in all, I think she’s had a great day. 
may 2011 006
may 2011 015
may 2011 020
Kelsie and her teacher, para, speech therapist, bff and “boy”friend. ;-)
may 2011 024may 2011 023may 2011 028may 2011 021
may 2011 029
Kelsie and us! 
may 2011 025
may 2011 026
may 2011 027
And to end…Kayla helping Kelsie read her card!
may 2011 033


Kelli @ RTSM said...

She looks so cute with her cap on:) We found out about Outback's crazy schedule the same way a few years ago!

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, she is just ADORABLE! Absolutely precious :)

Miller Racing Family said...

How fun. I loved the first photo of her in her little cap. We had an emotional week also as Trey had his preschool graduation. Their class made little handprint calendars for the next school year for the parents. Needless to say I waited till we got home to check it out, for fear of a flood of tears.
Oh how we wish we could keep them small.