Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So Much to Do…Let’s Freeze Time

As I sit to try and type up what is going on in my mind, I can’t.  It’s just a big mumble jumble of stuff. So excuse the mess of a post.

I have so much on my mind right now that I can’t think straight.  We are going on vacation soon, but due to the fact that Kayla’s bike was stolen from our fenced in back yard with a dog, I won’t be telling the exact dates on my blog nor on my Facebook.  I have a strong suspicion of who I think it was but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself because I don’t want to make false accusations.  Anywho.

There is literally SO much to do before we leave.  I have two pieces of printer paper full of things to pack, stuff we still need to buy and things that still need to be done around here, including buying a new door knob for the front door.  We have to do this because we don’t even own a key to it.  These are the keys that have been dished out to family members and we are at a point where we need a key. We plan on giving Zack’s mom a key so she can come by and check on things and our pets.  Plus I wanted to update to brushed nickel, so this is a perfect time!  I’ll post those transformation pics when I get them.

I think the stresses are upon me like a bull rushing towards a red bandana.  I have had the munchies the past two days something fierce.  I seriously ate everything today that I shouldn’t have.  I had a Cadbury egg and a few handfuls of Cheddar Cheese Kettle Corn {you can get it at World Market, SO good!  I don’t even like Kettle Corn}, more chips for lunch with my sandwich than I should have and then my normal afternoon snack which I really should have skipped since I have consumed all those extra calories.  Ugh.

Cleaning house is part of my big to do list but I have yet to get anything done.  The kitchen is still a mess with the Target bags laying on the counter top and stove from my trip almost 3 hours ago.  The dish washer that ran this morning while we were at work is still full and there are dirty dishes in the sink. 

Let’s not even talk about laundry!  There is a pile on the cedar chest in the bedroom that needs to be put away.  There is two laundry baskets full of clean clothes in the laundry room that need to be folded and put away.  Not to mention the dirty clothes that need to be washed in the master bathroom and the laundry room. 

Thing is I can think of a few more things that I need to be doing but instead I am sitting here writing posts, listening to Spongebob while Kelsie lays beside me on the couch. 

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A-K said...

Girl...don't let the stresses get to ya! Sometimes you just got to let things slide for a bit to catch your breath! Just the mundane tasks can seem overwhelming at times - and its hard...but maybe after a pot of coffee you can start feeling spunky!

Get excited about vacay...it'll be here soooon!