Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Photo A Day in March Project

I’m really bad about taking photos here lately.  I mean I am surprised that I’ve taken the ones that I have in February.  However, I have decided that it would be a great idea to do a little project for myself…Photo A Day for the month of March.  Maybe if I can keep this up I’ll pick another month and do it again and maybe, just maybe I can make it to Project 365. :-)

March 1

march 2011 003

Kayla was invited to join the National Junior Honor Society at her school.  I am ecstatic for her!  It’s something that I never was able to accomplish because I honestly wasn’t in school for my grades, but to socialize.  {hey, at least I am honest!}  Kayla knows how important grades are and how socializing can wait.  This is not to say that she doesn’t have friends or have fun, she does.  It’s just not on her list of high priorities.  She wants to go to a University and knows that a scholarship will be her only ticket in since we aren’t wealthy.  So her grades are important to her.  She wants to be a fashion designer and live in New York City. :-0  Oh to dream big!


A-K said...

Great idea to take a photo a day. I think that is def a great habit to get into. I'm proud of Kayla...her grades are awesome!!!! She can def get a scholarship if she puts her mind to it. I miss the days of dreaming big....:( makes me sad. Although, I think she can do whatever she wants and be who she wants to be....life's not easy and has wayyy too many twists & turns. At our age, we have certainly already seen a lot.

I too want to be able to dream big...

Kelli said...

Go Kayla!!! What an honor (ha, ha). I was never in it either :) I can't wait to see the pictures you take. I saw a recap of someone who take a picture a day and it really captured their life. Sounds fun.