Monday, March 7, 2011

Photo a Day in March Project #5,6,7

On the weekends, I’m gonna continue to take pictures but I’m not going to force myself to upload them just so I can blog about them.  Otherwise it would defeat my whole purpose of taking the photos.  After all I’m not doing this for y’all, but for myself.  Sorry, I am fairly selfish!

Anyways.  Kayla made breakfast for us on Saturday morning {March 5} all by herself.  Sure it was a box mix of muffins, but who cares!  It was breakfast and I didn’t have to do it. ;-)

march 2011 001

Sunday, {March 6} I got a new toaster.  Now this may not mean anything to any of you out there, but to me, it makes me happy.  Pop tarts, toaster strudels, bagels, and toast can all be made once again with ease.  Breakfast during the week is back in business!  And she’s a sassy red color.

march 2011 003

Monday, {March 7} Zhu Zhu Pets.  Kelsie got 2 for Christmas and a little swirly slide.  Every time we are in Target she looks at all the other fun stuff that you can buy for them.  However, we have explained that the stuff that goes with them are expensive and she won’t be getting any of it unless it’s a holiday or her birthday.  So once she got her own little gift card to Target she went straight to the Zhu Zhu’s and got her a cute little car with trailer and a new pet!  She is one happy camper.  :-)

march 2011 005

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Kelli said...

Sweet that Kayla made breakfast!!! I love muffins so that's right up my alley. That toaster is super fancy. I can't live without my toaster oven :)