Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stop Running in the House!

I tell the kids every single day, “stop running in the house”, “we don’t run in the house”, etc.  They will stop for the time being and be back at it hours later.  Last Tuesday the girls were playing chase, in the house.  I told them to stop running.  I told them more than once.  I even warned that somebody was going to fall and get hurt.  A few minutes later….Kelsie was crying.  Zack and I ran from the den to the living room to see what had happened.  I scooped Kelsie up and sat down looking in her mouth, because she had hit her chin on the coffee table.  My fear, her teeth.  Thankfully, her teeth were fine.  Her chin however had already turned black and blue. 

The next morning she woke up and the bruise had moved it’s way more towards her mouth as well.

So what did I do…I decided I’d take a picture.  It looks a lot worse than it is.  It only hurts when she bumps it or hits it.  And we were lucky that she didn’t bust her chin open and need stitches. 

November 2010 001


Wendy said...

OMG ouch!

Kelli said...

That is one nasty bruise! I say stop running a 1000 times it seems like. They just have so much energy.