Monday, September 13, 2010

Little Honey ~ Review

We go out of town several times a year.  We have family in Alabama so we are in the car for at least 5 hours.  During those 5 hours the girls and I get sleepy.  We always try to nap, however, the car isn’t the most comfortable place to take a nap in.  We bunch up our pillows and lean on the car window and use blankets to block out the sun light, but we can never seem to get comfortable enough to go to sleep.  And if we do happen to doze off, we usually wake up with neck cramps.


But this has all changed!  We got to work with a company named Little Honey and now nap time in the car isn’t so bad at all.  No more neck cramps or sun light to keep us from getting some shut eye.

Little Honey makes Travel Pillows, Sleep Masks, and even a Kids Series.  However these aren’t your normal travel accessories. Little Honey has made travel accessories that we won’t mind traveling with.  They are super stylish and the travel pillows and eye masks actually match! {Stylishly!}

image  The girls and I each received a travel pillow.  I also received the matching eye  mask for myself.  I love imagethese!  Not only were they perfect in the car but my oldest daughter and I use the pillows inside as well.  The travel pillows are made of with thousands of micro-beads which help the pillow form to your neck and head for supreme comfort.  The soft velour side happens to be my favorite side! 

I noticed that Kelsie, my 5 year old will fall to sleep a lot faster while traveling imageas  well.  She sits in a high back booster and this pillow is still really usable.  I was actually worried about that, but everything seems to work out just fine.

We highly recommend Little Honey for your travel accessories!!

**we received the above mentioned products for review purposes only.  this is our honest opinion and you may or may not agree.

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Misti of Studio M Designs said...

Oh yeah--I could totally use a few those on our road trips! They are quite stylish! Sorry it has been so long since I visited your blog. We 'see' each other so much that I forget to check out the blog. I have given up on trying to do everything. It is so hard fitting everything into 24 hours. Now that I work full time, I have just thrown in the towel. LOL! Anyway, the blog looks great, and the girls are just as adorable as ever!