Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wordy wednesday – first day of school

So yea, I made that up, “wordy wednesday”.  Only because I have so much to say.  Today was the first day back to school here.  Kayla went into 6th grade and here she is before school.

august 2010 005

Kayla’s school colors are yellow, green, and white. She was thrilled to get away from the navy, red and white!  Although she was upset that middle schoolers have to wear a belt and tuck in their shirts.  She said “I look geeky”.  I told her that “well, y’all will all look geeky then!”. 

Kayla had an awesome day she said.  I’m so happy to hear that!

Kelsie didn’t go to school today except for an hour for her orientation.  I hated that I missed it but Zack was able to give me all the information that he found out.  Now I’m just praying that her true first day tomorrow goes well!

august 2010 003

Kelsie still dressed her part today.  She didn’t take the lunch box though, it was just for the picture.

My day…well there are no pictures. Sorry. :) 

My day was well, very busy.  That was the longest 3 1/2 hours ever.  I know it was so hectic because it was the first day of school.  Most of these kids don’t know how to line up in a line or sit in a circle.  Those are the skills they learn in PreK.  So it was all to be expected.  It was still a lot of fun though.  I managed to sit down for just a few minutes at 11 to read the 6 that were left for the rest of the day.  There was 10 total today and there will be 19 tomorrow!!  Whew.  How in the world do you learn all these names?!  I know a few of them, but then there are a few that I just don’t have a clue and have heard them called 15 times! 

Here’s to Thursday! :-) 


Beth in NC said...

The girls look adorable!

I can't imagine having 19 new names to learn. lol

Have fun!

A-K said...

Oooo back to school we go! That's great you all had a fun day! I bet those little ones are soooo precious :) They are wild as a buck though, I member those days. But probably some of the best times I ever had. Maybe get some of those name tags and fill them out really quick in the morning - can you do that?

Can't wait to hear more about the adventures!

Darlene said...

The girls are both so CUTE!! I bet your first day was exhausting. I know you will learn all of the kids names really quickly.

Kelli said...

Sounds like you all had great days. I just love that Kayla...she does not look geeky. You are going to have to think of a name game to remember all of those names, but I'm sure you'll get it down soon enough. I hope Miss Kelsie has a great first full day.