Monday, August 23, 2010

miscellany monday


Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

It’s Monday…again.

Not that I’m complaining, I’m thrilled to wake up another day.  This past weekend went by way too fast though.  Quick recap.

1.  Saturday I got me some baby love from Jaxon.  The smell of baby should be sold in a scented candle!  I’d buy stock in them.  I smelled him so many times and oooohed and ahhhhed every few seconds, it was almost nutty but babies are so precious when they’re that small.  He’s only a week and a few days old…they grow up WAY too fast!

2.  Sunday Kelsie turned 5.  I still can’t believe that she is 5.  Although it’s hard for me to remember her being an infant, it’s just unreal to me that she’s 5.  In 5 more years she’ll be 10!  That’s scary to think about.

3.  The Leap Frog Tag Reader is the coolest thing since ice cream!  Plain and simple.  We got one for Kelsie for her birthday with the Toy Story 3 and Princess Tiana books.  {the reader came with The Cat and The Hat} It’s just awesome.  We will definitely be buying more books for it.  Kelsie was repeating every word that she pointed to as she read the story.  Keep it up and she’ll be able to read in no time flat.  Thank you Leap Frog for the coolest products!

4.  Zack had to leave the room yesterday during Kelsie’s party.  I was holding Jaxon and giving him his bottle…You know the sounds babies make when they’re eating?  The sucking and moaning, the slurping and grunting?  He had to get out of there because he wants another one!  HA!  I do too, but we are waiting..dagnabit!

5.  I didn’t schedule any posts this week…Just this one.  Hmmm…guess that means that after I come home from work and iron that I’ll have to start writing some posts.  I have a cake pan that I have to write a review for…Wilton’s butterfly pan…very cute!  We used it for Kelsie’s birthday cake yesterday. 

6.  Dinner time around here is getting boring.  I am tired of the same old things.  We have a few new things on the menu this coming week.  It will be nice to have something different for a change.  Oh and I have a recipe to share with y’all that we had for dinner last night…If you love the Kneely’s on Food Network you’ll love what we had for dinner! :-)

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

Dinner has been boring at our house lately too! I am just out of ideas! Every where I turn, I see a pregnant women or a baby...makes me want another one too!