Friday, July 30, 2010

The Pretty Peacock - Review

I have done personalized jewelry reviews before but when I happened upon The Pretty Peacock, there was something totally unique that I couldn’t pass up.

The Pretty Peacock is a little more than just your everyday personalized jewelry. I am used to running across hand stamped pieces, after all it’s all over the internet these days.  However, The Pretty Peacock has totally one up’d most of them out there.

I got the chance to review a totally unique piece and I am in love with, a Pendant Portal.  I received the Portals Sweetheart Locket with Kayla and Kelsie’s birthstones inside.  It’s just stunning.  Not to mention the packaging was beautiful!

july 2010 001

july 2010 002

july 2010 003

See I told you…Stunning!  And my favorite part…you can add more birthstones, easily.  So when we have another baby this piece will be one that will easily accommodate.  I don’t have to send it back to get something else engraved on.

And if you are looking for something to put some engraving on, you can check out some of my favorite pieces.

Family Stone Keepsake Pendant.  The scroll work on this is just beautiful.  Very unique way to show off your family.


Sweet Fortune. I love a good fortune cookie, who doesn’t?! Well this one you can wear around your neck and always read the perfect outlook.


And Tiny Touch Collection.  You can either wear your child’s foot print, hand print or even their art!


So if your looking for a totally unique personalized piece, The Pretty Peacock is for you!  There is lots more to check out..head over and take a look.

**i received the above mentioned purposes for review purposes only.  your opinion may or may not be the same as my own.


Kelli said...

Ooh, how pretty! And I love how you say when you have another baby...I'll be waiting for the announcement!

A-K said...

I love that fortune cookie necklace! That's pretty cool, may have to get me one :)