Sunday, July 25, 2010

Getting Lost

Over the course of one week I’ve gotten lost inside of various worlds, mainly those written by Jennifer Crusie.  I mentioned last Monday about reading Tell Me Lies, well since then I’ve also read Crazy for You, Getting Rid of Bradley, Fast Women and I just started Manhunting last night! I also have Bet Me, waiting after this one. Once I read all the ones that our library has then I suppose I’ll be buying the others, which I won’t complain about one bit.  Her writing is truly seductive.  I can not get enough.  Isn’t that what an author does?  They hook you and then you want to read every book they’ve ever written and ones that they will write in the future.  Good thing for me, Jennifer Crusie has written quiet a few books and has one coming out the end of August and then again in October {I think}.  So when I’m not around, you can say “oh, Joanna, yea, she’s reading!”.
I also read True Believer by Nicholas Sparks, because well Dear John was out. {I’m on the waiting list for that one} Just so you know, it was a good one as well, but really predictable.  As soon as I read one certain paragraph, I knew how it would probably end. {I was right}  I don’t particularly care for those sorta books that you just already know the ending.  I like some sort of mystery. 
All the while reading I was thinking how enchanting these lives are that the characters lead.  Why can’t all books be movies?  I’d love to see some of Jennifer’s books become movies! {hint if your out there and write screen plays or are directors, or producers}
I think I’ve gone and don’t it.  I think I’ve fallen in love with reading.  And to my surprise it’s not something about wizards or vampires and werewolves.  It’s about people with lives that exist in a world where sci fi doesn’t exist.  And I really like it! I think that I can see now why my mother was so hooked on reading.
She would be so proud of me wanting to go to the library, wanting to read. 
Oh, and I also picked up Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin.  Something Blue was out.  Hoping that they are as good as Jennifer’s books are.


Kelli said...

Look at you on a roll! Oooh, Something Borrowed is SO good...I finished that in no time. I never did read Something Blue and I'm not sure why. I just won a blog giveaway for her newest book, Heart of the Matter, and can't wait to read it. Your mama would be proud!

A-K said...

You GO girl! I got hooked on it too, never been a reader until really the last two I'm hooked too! I will have to check out Jenn Cruise's books! I think you will like Emily Griffin. I know I LOVED them! So girly dramatic sas-a-frass. I'm on Baby Proof now! Just don't start to "Brwine" or you will get hooked on that too :) haha!

A-K said...

P.S. I have dear john, and if I can find it I will bring it to you this weekend.