Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Closet Clean Up and Out

We have been living in a mess with our master closet for a long time…it’s just not something that people see outside of maybe family so why did I care?  Well as some of you long time readers know, I start shopping during the Summer for Christmas.  We store all of the Christmas gifts in the back of our closet.  The kids can’t get there so easy. :-) 
So the other day I knew that a certain gift was coming via UPS so I had to make room…that meant it was time to clean up and out!  I have a huge pile ready for donation…and lot’s of things ready for the consignment store.  But afterwards I feel so much better when I look in here!
june 2010 006 june 2010 007
june 2010 010 june 2010 009
Ahhh…much better!  How often do y’all clean out your closets?  Does it seem to be the catch all place?


Kelli said...

It so easy just to throw something in there and then shut the door. We probably clean it out twice a year and I would say it's about that time again. You did a great job...thanks for the inspiration. I wonder what came in the mail????

Darlene said...

I didn't do a before and after (I SHOULD have) but we just cleaned Lexi's closet AND her room totally out again. I usually do her closet twice a year but I didn't touch it last year so there were tons of outgrown clothes and shoes in it. Also, all the clutter that amasses in a child's room is amazing! We cleaned out each and every drawer, her shelves, under her bed.....EVERYTHING! It now looks and feels like a WONDERFUL, CLEAN room again!

My closet is a TOTAL mess! I REALLY need to get working on it next.

Wendy said...

Our closet is so bad looking!! The multi-colored hangers drive me nuts, but I cant see the sense in replacing them all to match. All kinds of crap stacked underneath and on top, too.

Plus, we have NO closet doors!