Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Schools Out..Now what School papers do you throw Away?!

Through out the entire school year I collect all the papers and notes that the kids bring home. I have done this since Kayla was in preschool.  However, as we all know collecting all those papers takes up a lot of space.  At the end of every school year with Kayla I would always go through everything and only keep certain things.  This hurt my heart when I had to throw out things but let’s be truthful, there was no place to store it.  And imagine the Rubbermaid size bin I would have now if I had kept it all…after all Kayla is going to middle school this year.

Several months ago…I ran across something that made me sing songs that sounded so great that I could have been singing on stage in concert…I don’t know what blog it was on, but it changed everything.  I made sure to keep everything that Kelsie brought home this year.  Everything.  And I didn’t have to throw away anything AND when she grows up she’ll be so happy I did this for her. {well Kayla too}  I just have to start doing it with her things.  I just have to go WAY back for hers. :-) 

You buy a binder, the kind where you can put your own pictures up front and you buy sheet protectors…You see where I’m going right?!  Well, I bought a 2 inch binder for Kelsie’s Pre K year {09/10) and put everything inside…from school pictures that were left over after passing them around the family to her paper plate lunch that she made to share with friends at her table.  And I went into Photoshop and created her front cover and sidebar….And I am thrilled.  Everything fits. Even the things too large for the sheet protectors are folded and tucked into the back pockets.  And her misc items, such as note cards, and the fan she made me for Mothers Day is in a sheet protector…this is sorta the misc page…but it’s perfect. 

Now if you know the blog I’m referring too, then please let me know, because credit is due to the lady that does this.

So here is Kelsie’s Pre K school binder.

june 2010 002

june 2010 003

june 2010 004

And this year I’ll just buy one of these nifty binder holder things to hold them all as we collect them.  Kayla will already have a lot of binders come the next couple of months as I go through and put her things in order.


Kelli said...

I've seen this before too and can't remember where. Right now Jamison's stuff is in a bin and I'd like to change that. I was thinking either a binder like this or a filing bin with a file for each year. What digital program did you use? I love the cover of your binder!

Heatherlyn said...

I'm with you. I don't want to keep everything but I don't want to throw it away either. The binder is a good idea!

I actually scan in the things that I want to have copies of (whcih is practically everything it seems). I can make a photobook out of it (I love blurb.com) and publish the book. My kids are much happier to know that even if they see something of theirs in the trash that I have saved a permanent copy of it on the computer.